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Dear customers,
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and partners,

We are proud to announce that we further improved our GISconnector and are now introducing to you version 1.2. 
2015 / 02 / 17

TOP 1 > GISconnector Release 1.2 available

TOP 2 > GISconnector Single Use license now for 495 USD 

TOP 3 > New: The GISconnector Support Center

TOP 4 > GISconnector academic program

GISconnector Release 1.2 available with support for ArcGIS 10.3

Download right now:

The version 1.2 contains the following new features and improvements:
  • Support for ArcGIS for Desktop 10.3 has been added
  • GISconnector for Excel now uses the licence level defined in the ArcGIS Administrator. This will not apply if you use the start parameter for the licence level.
  • A problem regarding the format test of specific Oracle fields in ArcGIS has been fixed. Support for Oracle SDE feature classes is therefore added.
  • The usage of particular formulas in Excel no longer causes errors during several processes of the GISconnector.
  • If the Excel has only has one row, the formulas will no longer be replaces by the name of the column when you transfer data from ArcGIS to Excel.
  • Several problems with joined tables in ArcGIS for Desktop has been fixed.
  • The usage of OneDrive documents in Excel no longer produces error messages from the GISconnector.
  • Hidden rows at the end of Excel tables no longer will be ignored during data transfer (transfer all data) from Excel to ArcGIS.
  • Starting a job while another job is running no longer results in a lock up of ArcGIS or Excel.
  • Working with files stored in the root directory of a drive does not cause problems anymore.
  • Exporting gis tables into a new xlsm file will now work.

New price for GISconnector Single Use licence

New price from now on
We are going to change our licencing process soon. In anticipation of the change we already reduced our GISconnector single use price to:

New licence model coming in version 1.3
The licence process of the GISconnector from version 1.3 on (release expected in the beginning of april) will use the FLEXnet licence management from Flexera.
The GISconnector software will be using the same licence software as ESRI ArcGIS does then.

With this change the licence maintenance of single use licences will be a lot easier for us. We can also provide concurrent use licences with the change to Flexera.

New: The GISconnector Support Center

We expanded our homepage's support center. You can find the complete online-help for all GISconnector versions there. Additionally you can download the installation manual. People who are looking for a quick overview over all GISconnector functions can find all information on our flyer.

GISconnector academic program

Whether student or scientist – with the GISconnector and Excel you can input, modify and analyze attribute data from ArcGIS incredibly fast and exactly. This saves a lot of time and increasis data quality. Thus, students and scientists are able to finish their projects and theses faster and better.

If you are interested in an organizational license (unlimited number of installations), please contact:.