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Dear customers,
prospective customers
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GISconnector for Excel 2.0 is ready for Concurrent Use licences and Windows 10.
Today we want to present them to you.
                                                                       2015 August 28

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What's new in the GISconnector Release 2.0?

With version 2.0 we established a new Licence administration. In addition to the Single Use Licencing it also enables a Concurrent Use licencing. Furthermore we implemented new functions as well as stability and performance optimizations.

Download your GISconnector for Excel Version 2.0 here: 

The main improvements of version 2.0 are:
  • Concurrent Use licence administration
  • New Single Use licence administration
  • Transfer of geometry system fields
  • Zoom to selected features
  • Ready for Windows 10
  • 30 day test version with full range of functions