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Dear customers,
prospective customers
and partners,

We are proud to announce that we further improved our GISconnector and are now introducing to you version 1.1. 
2014 / 11 / 27

TOP 1 > GISconnector Release 1.1 available

TOP 2 > GISconnector videos available on vimeo

TOP 3 > New sales partnership for Austria and Poland

GISconnector Release 1.1 available

Half a year after the first version of the GISconnector we are now releasing the strongly revised version 1.1 which can be downloaded from now on:

The version 1.1 contains the following new features and improvements:
  • New feature to connect tables using alpha numeric columns as a link.
  • New improved workflow for creating connections and exporting data
    • Adjustments in the toolbar/ribbon layout
    • a revision of the export and connection wizards 
  • When creating a new connection it is now possible to just export the table schema
  • Extended logging of the tasks and Log of the last executed tasks
  • Support of ArcSDE-Geodatabases
  • Selection and filter in ArcGIS standalone tables are supported
  • Support of xlsm files
  • The ArcGIS license used by the GISconnector for Excel can be defined via a start parameter
  • Improved performance for correcting GISconnector IDs in ArcGIS
  • Excel workbooks will be opened after transfers from ArcGIS to Excel if not already open and the respective worksheet will be activated.
  • The add-in for ArcMap is now installed for all users.

GISconnector videos available on vimeo

GI Geolabs releases their GISconnector videos on vimeo from now on. Currently you can find three videos in HD on the GISconnector channel.

You can get a first glimpse onto the new workflows and functions of version 1.1 at the following link: We are continuously updating our videos on the GISconnector channel, so it's worth to check out the page now and then.

New sales partnership for Austria and Poland

We are very proud to announce that WIGeoGIS decided to take over the GISconnector sales for Austria and Poland. They are one of the leading companies in Spatial Business Intelligence and Geomarketing with locations in Munich, Warsaw and Vienna.