January 12, 2019 - Week 15 Fall 2018

Welcome to our weekly news email for January 12, Week 15 of the Fall Semester 2018!

This Saturday, parking space will be limited due to an event at the AITE High School behind Rippowam. More information and helpful tips below.

Class Time: 9:30am - 12:15pm*
* Adult Beginners 1: 09:30am -11:00am
Adult Beginners 2: 11:00am -12:30pm
Flummis: 9:30am - 11:00am
Pausentisch this week (Jan 12)
M 1-2 (Frau Layman)
Pausentisch next week (Jan 19)
M 5-6 (Frau Fechter)
Fall 2018 Pausentisch calendar
In this issue:

Spring Semester Registration

Our Spring Semester starts next week, Jan 19. Families of returning students, who haven't yet registered for Spring already received a reminder email this past week. Please sign up as soon as possible, as accurate class counts will help with planning for the semester.

Our registrar Arnold Mischkulnig is available to answer any questions. Just stop by the front desk or send an email to

As per school policy, late registration/payment for the semester will trigger a late payment fee.

Parking this Saturday

The City of Stamford will have another round of Police Officer Entrance exams this Saturday. The exam itself will take place in the AITE building, so will not impact GSC classes. However, parking around the school will be a challenge.

Helpful tips:

  • Arrive a few minutes earlier than normal so that you have time to navigate the parking situation.
  • If feasible, just drop off your child/children at the entrance without parking.
  • We need to ensure that the "fire loop" at the school entrance remains passable. Make sure not to block it!
  • We will be directing traffic at the entrance to the school grounds and closer to the entrance door. If directed, please slow down and follow the instructions.
Thanks for your help and understanding.

Volunteering Updates

As we wrap up the Fall semester, a huge Thank You! to the many volunteers that helped in many different capacities during the semester.

As you know, all of the administration and day-to-day operation of the school are done on a volunteer basis. GSC would not be able to operate without your time contributions!

Volunteer Sign-up for Spring Semester

Online sign-up for Saturday Morning volunteer positions will be operational early next week. We will send a special email to everybody once sign-up is available.

Saturday Morning Sign-in Reminder

If you are filling one of the Saturday Morning positions (including library positions) on a school Saturday, please make sure to stop by the front desk to sign in. The sign-in sheet is our only record of your volunteering contribution.

Volunteer Openings for this Saturday

The following volunteer positions are open for this Saturday:

Sign up quickly by clicking on the links above. Also from your mobile device.

Volunteering-related questions? Email our volunteer coordinator Arne Lewertoff (

News from the Library

The library and Kinderecke will be open all morning for check-out and socializing.

Vielen Dank for your generosity and your wonderful donations to the library's Büchereimarkt!

Now that the donation drive has ended, please consider donating gently used German books to your local library. For example, the Norwalk Public Library (Washington Street branch) has a small collection of foreign language children's book, including German, which could be expanded with the help of your donations.

The weekly Büchereimarkt in the cafeteria will be open all morning. Proceeds go to GSC and, of course, the library.

Contact: Sabine Schweizer (

AATG Test this Saturday

This week and the following two Saturdays, many students will sit the annual AATG exam. The AATG or American Association of Teachers of German ( is the professional organization of all German teachers in the country.

The GSC has been participating in the exam for many years. Test scores for our school are regularly the best in the state and among the best in the country.

The following classes will be taking the test this Saturday, January 12th:

  • M 3-4 (Frau Rülle)
  • M 3-4 (Frau Diekmann)
  • German 2 (Frau Pop) [not all students]
  • Continuing German (Dr. Wilkinson)
  • Adult Beginner 2 (Frau Wolfinger)
  • Adult Intermediate (Herr Wagner)
  • Adult Advanced (Frau DellaCamera)

These classes will be taking the test next Saturday, January 19th:

  • M 5-6 (Frau Fechter)
  • Kollegstufe I (Frau Reuther-Roché)
  • Kollegstufe II (Frau Ritter)

January 26th will be a make-up date for any students who missed their regular test date.

Some helpful reminders:

  • All students begin their school Saturday in the regular class room. Teachers will walk with their class to the testing room around 10 a.m.
  • Please bring a standard phone headset to use in the computer lab.
  • Make sure to take the practice exams at
  • All testing will occur during regular class hours.

Pausentisch Calendar

The Pausentisch Calendar for the Spring semester will be finalized in the next couple of weeks, once we have more accurate student counts for the new semester.

In the interim, please check the weekly news email for upcoming class assignments.

  • Jan 19: M 5-6 (Frau Fechter)
  • Jan 26: M 3-4 (Frau Dieckmann)

Lehrer Gesucht!

We are looking for teachers to join the teaching staff at the GSC for the Spring 2018 Semester and beyond.


  • Native or near-native fluency in German
  • Language teaching degree and/or relevant teaching experience

If you are interested or know somebody, who might be interested, please contact our principal Frau Dr. Ludanyi (

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