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Wisdom Newsletter - August 2018
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December - End of Year Edition

To Readers of Elijah's Wisdom Newsletter

The final issue of our Wisdom newsletter is a time for sharing inspiration from past years' work and looking to the future. We recently held the 8th biennial meeting of the Elijah Board of World Religious Leaders in Spain. We will share with you in following issues some highlights of our discussions of "Identity and Mysticism" and how we are planning to reach more communities globally with our Make Friends Across Religions Initiative. The photo essay below shares some highlights of the recently held meeting, as perceived by Spanish media. The event was extensively covered in Spain and other Spanish speaking countries. The coming together of Elijah leaders of such diversity and the reception they received in a predominantly Catholic context is a significant step in advancing interfaith understanding in the Spanish context. Thanks to the efforts of Swami Rameshwarananda, Elijah leaders were featured nationally, received and hosted by the President of Extremadura and the head of the Catholic Church in Spain. This is one further expression of how Elijah leaders take their message to their communities and to the public at large.

      At this juncture we ask for your continuing support, as we do annually. Your end of year tax-deductible gift (US) will allow us to continue bringing together religious leaders and reaching out to communities. It will allow us to advance work on the engagement of religious communities in the friendship initiative. And it will allow us to continue sharing with you, month after month, insights of wisdom, shared across religions, by Elijah's top-rank scholars and premier world religious leaders.



The Eighth Meeting of the Elijah Board of World Religious Leaders made headline news in Spain when it was opened by the Archbishop of Madrid, Cardinal Carlos Osoro Sierra, in his home.


The news interest in Elijah continued when the group arrived in the region of Extremadura and was greeted by the Minister of Tourism and other local officials.


A compilation of news coverage (in Spanish) can be found here: 

As the meeting drew to a close, the President of the State of Extremadura, in front of a gathering of high school students, expressed his appreciation for the honour of hosting such a diverse and esteemed group of religious leaders. He promised to extend the spirit and the work of Elijah into the life of his State. 
Friendship Corner
The challenges and threats that humanity faces today are in many ways unprecedented. 
We are increasingly aware of how our fate - the fate of humanity, nations, and peoples of diverse faiths, as well as the fate of other forms of life and the life of the planet itself, are interrelated and interdependent. Even amidst our differences, there is a need for greater unity, solidarity, common purpose and common action if we are to survive, and even more so if we are to flourish.- From "An Invitation to Friendship", a draft document of the Elijah Interfaith Institute.
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