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School News February, 2017

Yeshiva Ohr Yisrael works on developing our students' full potential.  We offer many opportunities to explore interests outside the classroom. 

What could be cooler than a 3D printer made by another 3D printer?  Our Robotics Club got to see this up close.  Under the direction of Dr. Sacha Zyto (pictured above and the creator of said 3D printer), this club offers fun with both the hardware and software aspects of robotic development.

Can you answer this question from the Art of Problem Solving that was posed to our Math Team?
How many integers between $100$ and $999$, inclusive, have the property that some permutation of its digits is a multiple of $11$ between $100$ and $999?$ For example, both $121$ and $211$ have this property.

$\mathrm{\textbf{(A)} \ }226\qquad \mathrm{\textbf{(B)} \ } 243 \qquad \mathrm{\textbf{(C)} \ } 270 \qquad \mathrm{\textbf{(D)} \ }469\qquad \mathrm{\textbf{(E)} \ } 486$

Below: Members of our Math Team

Congratulations to all Math Team members for an impressive show with the AMC this month and thank you to coach, Neal Shanske!

Building not just strong minds but also strong bodies and excellent teamwork under the leadership of coach Meir Zimmerman, our Basketball Team had a great first year.  

Dirshu Kinyan Halacha, is an international program encouraging Halacha mastery, for bachurim and adults.  Mazel Tov to YOY participants who scored "in the money" on the most recent test.  Thank you to Rabbi Dovid Bielory for organizing and running this unique program.

Chidon HaTanach, an international high school Tanach competition, is another opportunity for YOY students to gain proficiency and pursue interests beyond the core offerings. Mazel Tov to 9th grader Elan Traum for his high score on the February exam! 

We look forward to sharing more news on the upcoming Lander College Model Beis Din Competition in March. 


February 1, 2017
Chidon HaTanach

February 7, 2017
AMC 10/12

February 12, 2017
Robotics Club

February 12, 2017
Basketball game vs. CATS Academy

February 17-26
Winter Vacation  

February 28, 2017
Student Council Meeting 

March 8, 2017
Chidon HaTanach

March 26,  2017
Lander's College Medel Beis Din Competition

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