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february 2017
The latest research and industry insights from the
UF College of Journalism and Communications
Sports Consumption in a
Game-Changing Media Landscape
How sports marketers should engage with today’s media consumers amid a multiplatform, fragmented environment.  
  A New Standard for Protecting
Our Digital Data
  Government agencies charged with regulating digital technologies should do so under a standard that assumes most people don’t fully understand the technology.
Communication is Critical for the Health of Breast Cancer Patients  
Breast cancer patients who know what information to share and how to share it have better health outcomes than patients who hold back.  
  Nobody Wants to be Wrong: Understanding the Political Divide
  If someone sees or hears something they don't want to believe...they probably won't believe it.
Why It’s Important to Save
Our Seas’ Last Pristine Places
There's growing evidence that preserving precious areas not only stops overfishing, it can lessen the impacts of climate change.  
  The Power of Internal Communication
  An interview with Dr. Rita Men on her new book, the power of using smart communication to reach internal stakeholders and why it is good for business.
Janice Krieger Receives $3 Million NIH Research Grant 

STEM Translational Communication Center Director Janice Krieger and a team of researchers have been awarded a $3.04 million, five-year grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to test the efficacy of using virtual technology to increase colorectal cancer screening among rural and minority patients.

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Research and Insights News 
Tom Kelleher, professor and chair of the Department of Advertising, published a new textbook titled Public Relations. We talked with him about his new book, the future of public relations and what he is working on next. 

Telecommunication Assistant Professor Yu-Hao Lee has been awarded one of only four grants from the 2017 Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) Emerging Scholars Program. He received a $3,450 grant to complete the project by Feb. 2018.

Graduate student Jing ‘Taylor” Wen will receive $2,200 from the 2016-2017 American Academy of Advertising (AAA) Doctoral Dissertation Competition for her proposal, “Facing Anger Versus Fear: How Individuals Regulate Level of Control in Risk Communication.” 

The University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications will award one $10,000 prize and two $1,500 prizes to published academic research that informs the growing discipline of Public Interest Communications.
Research and Insights Events
Feb. 10, Telecommunication Associate Professor Michael Leslie co-facilitated “The Fundamentals of Effective Leadership Seminar” in Nassau, Bahamas. Leslie was invited to partner with Bahamian-born motivational speaker, corporate trainer, author and talk show host Spence Finlayson, founder, president and CEO of The Phoenix Institute for Positive Development and Empowerment.

Feb. 27- Mar. 1, scholars from around the world will come to frank (scholar), a novel academic conference that brings together researchers from various academic disciplines to collaboratively cultivate research that ignites lasting social change. 

Mar. 1-3, the College will hold the annual frank gathering. The frank gathering is a pipeline for creating new strategies and talent that drive social change. Communications professionals, academics, researchers, artists, philanthropists, business leaders and advocates will come together to connect evidence to action for on-the-ground impact. 

Mar. 1, the College will hold its annual Research Symposium in Weimer Hall. The CJC Research Symposium is a forum for the presentation of research and debate in any areas of journalism, advertising, public relations, telecommunications and communication research.
UF College of Journalism and Communications
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