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Attend: The Mediterranean at the Medieval Academy (6-8 April: Toronto)

The following Mediterranean Studies-related papers and panels are scheduled for the coming annual meeting of the Medieval Academy, to be held 6-8 April at the University of Toronto.
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Thursday April 6 • 1:30-3 PM
Opening address: Welcome (MAA President)
Bader Theatre                         
Marina Rustow (Princeton University), “The Cairo Geniza and the Middle East’s Archive Problem”

Thursday April 6 • 3:30–5pm
1.4 The Medieval Mediterranean I: “Language and Literature: Writing ‘Outremer’”
VC 212
Chair: Dorothea Kullmann (University of Toronto)
• Uri Shachar (Ben-Gurion University), “Trajectories of Multilingualism in Outremer Chivalric Literature”
• Sara Sturm-Maddox (University of Massachusetts, Amherst), “Guillaume de Machaut Writes History: The Prise d’Alexandre”
• Zrinka Stahuljak (University of California, Los Angeles), “Aesthetics of Translation: Burgundy and the Mediterranean (1445-1480)”

1.8 “The Social, Political and Economic Underpinnings of Anti-Jewish Violence: Comparative Perspectives on 1391 in Spain”
NF 119
Org. Natalie Oeltjen (University of Toronto)
Chair: Mark Meyerson (University of Toronto)
• Maya Soifer Irish (Rice University), “Power, Salvation, and Anti-Judaism in Seville, 1369-1391”
• Thomas W. Barton (University of San Diego), “‘These Jews should not have better circumstances than those of Mallorca or Barcelona’: The 1391 Pogroms in Tortosa”
• Natalie Oeltjen (University of Toronto), “Royal Finances and the Fate of the Majorcan Jewish Community after 1391”

Friday 7 April • 8:30-10 AM  
CARA-sponsored plenary:  “Mediterranean Sexualities”
Bader Theatre                        
Org. and Chair: Sarah Davis-Secord (University of New Mexico, Albuquerque)
• Susan McDonough (University of Maryland, Baltimore County), “Let’s Not Talk About Sex: Prostitutes as Knowledge Brokers in the Medieval Mediterranean”
• Jonathan Decter (Brandeis University), “Reading the Sins of Sodom in Late Medieval Jewish Biblical Exegesis”
• Debra Blumenthal (University of California, Santa Barbara), “Strange Bedfellows: Two Christians and the Moro who Slept on the Edge of the Bed”

Friday 7 April • 10:15 AM-12 noon
2.5 The Medieval Mediterranean II: “Norman Sicily”

Org. and Chair: Jill Caskey (University of Toronto)
• Dana Katz (University of Toronto), “Shaping the Land: Cartography and Royal Parklands in Twelfth-century Sicily”
• Matt King (University of Minnesota), “The Intersecting Mediterranean: The Case of Norman Sicily and Zirid Ifrīqiya”
• Elizabeth Mattison (University of Toronto), “Rewriting History: Receptions and Rejections of Norman Sicily in Late Medieval Nuremberg”

2.8 “Religion and the Sea”
EM 108
Org.: Maryanne Kowaleski (Fordham University) and Amy Remensnyder (Brown University)
Chair: Dyan Elliott (Northwestern University)
• Maryanne Kowaleski (Fordham University), “Ship Names as Religious Expression”
• Amy Remensnyder (Brown University), “Islands and Sailors’ Religion in the Mediterranean, ca. 1100-ca. 1600”
• Christopher Loveluck (University of Nottingham), “Multi-faith Interaction and the Sea in Early Medieval Western Europe: An Interdisciplinary Perspective”

Friday 7 April • 2:45-4:30 PM
3.2 The Medieval Mediterranean III: “Art and Architecture”
AGO, Seminar Room 1
Chair: TBC
• Lisa Mahoney (DePaul University), “The Art of Justifying Rule on Lusignan Cyprus”
• Magdalena Elizabeth Carrasco (Yale University), “Knights and Angels with Oliphants: Spirituality and Material Culture at Neuilly-en-Donjon”
• Alexandra Kelebay (McGill University), “Imag(in)ing Imperium: Jewelry Hoards, Byzantineness, and Court Culture in Kievan Rus’ and Ottonian Germany, c. 988-1240”

3.8 “Interactions in the Levant: Cultural Intersections and Identity during the Crusading Period”
EM 302
Org. Heather E. Crowley (Cardiff University) and Michael S. Fulton (Stronghold Archeology)
Chair: Heather Crowley
• Betty Binysh (Cardiff University), “The Evolution from 1095 to 1291 and Beyond”
• Niall Christie (Langara College), “Fact vs. Fiction, Theory vs. Practice: Muslim Attitudes towards Fighting Women in the Crusading Period”
• Michael S. Fulton (Stronghold Archaeology), “Trademark Defences: The Fortifications of Saladin’s Ayyubid Successors”
• Adnan Husain (Queen’s University), “Holy Fire: Interconfessional Polemics and Identity through a Medieval Mediterranean Miracle”

Friday 7 April • 4:45-6:30 PM   
4.2 The Medieval Mediterranean IV: “Mediterranean Vernaculars”
AGO, Seminar Room 1
Chair: TBC
• Noam Sienna (University of Minnesota), “Lashon and La‘az: Jewish Multilingualism in the Medieval Mediterranean”
• Wendy Pfeffer (University of Louisville), “The NeverNeverLand of Blandin de Cornoalha”
• Dianna Roberts-Zauderer (University of Toronto), “Knowledge Through Poetry: Falaquera’s Seeker and the Ethical Role of Figurative Language”

4.8 MAA Graduate Student Committee roundtable: “Tearing Down Walls, Building Bridges: Medieval Diversity and Cross-Cultural Encounters in Syllabus Design and Teaching”
VC 101
Org. and Chair: Anya Adair (Yale University)
• Cord Whitaker (Wellesley College)
• Samantha Zacher (Cornell University)
• Susan Phillips (Northwestern University)
• Asa S. Mittman (California State University-Chico)
• Jonathan Hsy (George Washington University)

Saturday 8 April • 8:30-10:15 AM
5.6 The Medieval Mediterranean V: “Transregional Histories”
VC 212
Chair: TBC
• Hélène Sirantoine (University of Sydney), “The Polities of Islam and al-Andalus through Iberian Christian Eyes (8th to early 13th c.)”
• Meredith L.D. Riedel (Duke Divinity School, Duke University), “The Hand of Blessing: A Relic Precious to Christians and Muslims in the Tenth Century”
• Michael Lower (University of Minnesota), “Mercenaries, States, and Organized Violence: North Africa and Europe, c. 1100-1500”

5.8 Roundtable: “Expulsion and Forced Migration in Medieval and Early Modern Europe”
EM 108
Org.: Rowan Dorin (Stanford University)
Chair/Moderator: Natalie Zemon Davis (University of Toronto)
• Robert Chazan (New York University)
• Rowan Dorin (Stanford University)
• Mark Meyerson (University of Toronto)
• Nicholas Terpstra (University of Toronto)

Saturday 8 April • 1:30-3:15 PM    
6.7 The Medieval Mediterranean VI: “Teaching the Medieval Mediterranean”
VC 101
Org.: Sharon Kinoshita (University of California, Santa Cruz) and Thomas E. Burman (University of Tennessee)
Chair: Thomas E. Burman
• Pete Burkholder (Fairleigh Dickinson University), “Taming the Content Monster: A Backward Approach to Teaching the Medieval Mediterranean”
• Louisa A. Burnham (Middlebury College), “Using Braudel as a Frame”
• Brian A. Catlos (University of Colorado, Boulder), “Against the Grain: Teaching the Age of Crusades via the Mediterranean”
• Dawn Marie Hayes (Montclair State University), “Approaching the Mediterranean, Front and Center: Reflections on Teaching Norman Sicily and Southern Italy”
• Cecily J. Hilsdale (McGill University), “The Visual Cultures of the Medieval Mediterranean in the Classroom”
• Sharon Kinoshita (University of California, Santa Cruz), “Medieval Mediterranean Literature in the Classroom”
• Valerie Ramseyer (Wellesley College), “Fifteen Years of Teaching the Early Medieval Mediterranean”
• Anne Marie Wolf (University of Maine, Farmington), “Mediterranean World 1200-1700 as a 200-Level History Class: Challenges and Possibilities”

Saturday 8 April • 4:30-6:30 PM                    
Aga Khan Museum
Fellows’ plenary:
• Monica H. Green (Arizona State University): “History in a Hemispheric Mode: Redrawing the Medieval Map”


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