Cosby Referendum
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Neighbourhood Plan Referendum for Cosby

On Thursday 24 November a Referendum relating to the adoption of the Cosby Neighbourhood Plan will be held.

On your ballot paper for the Neighbourhood Plan Referendum, you will be asked the following question:

Do you want Blaby District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Cosby to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?

You can view the documents for the Neighbourhood Plan on the website using the link below. If you have any questions about the plan or referendum, please email the Planning Policy team.

Please also see below important information about postal voting, and ensuring you are registered to vote.

Neighbourhood Plan information

Our guide to Neighbourhood Plans

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

Neighbourhood plans give local people the chance to plan for their own area by developing policies that will guide and shape development in the Plan area for the future.

What is the Cosby Neighbourhood Plan?

Preparation of the Cosby Neighbourhood Plan was led by an Advisory Committee, with support from Cosby Parish Council, local residents and Blaby District Council throughout the process.

The Plan seeks to protect areas of open space and local community facilities and sets out design principles for new development, amongst other things. It has undergone various stages of public consultation and an examination by an Independent Examiner and is being sent to a referendum to be decided by Cosby residents.
How will the Plan be used to decide planning applications?

If the Plan is successful at Referendum, it will then be ‘made’ (ie. adopted) by Blaby District Council, at which point it will become part of the development plan for this area, against which planning applications will be assessed.

Therefore, when planning applications are submitted for sites within Cosby, planning officers will assess the proposals against not only the District Council’s Local Plan, but also the policies within the Cosby Neighbourhood Plan, before arriving at a decision.

Please note: determination of planning applications will remain the responsibility of Blaby District Council (and Leicestershire County Council in special circumstances).

Poll cards and postal voting

Please note that a number of strikes are planned for Royal Mail workers during the period of both sending out your poll cards and postal votes, as well as the window to return a postal vote.

This means it is really important for you to get your postal vote back to us as soon as possible after you receive it.

We advise you not to post your ballot back to us if sending less than two days from polling, but to hand it in here at our council offices, Desford Road, Narborough, LE19 2EP, or at the polling station at Cosby Village Hall on polling day.

Poll cards should arrive on doormats from Saturday 22 October. If you haven't received your poll card by Monday 31 October please contact our team to make absolutely sure you are registered.
Postal vote information

Register to vote

Remember, you only need to Register to Vote again if your circumstances have recently changed (i.e moved address, changed your name or nationality etc).

If you previously registered to vote at your current address and no details have changed you do not need to register again. If you need to register to vote please use the link below. Registration closes at midnight on Tuesday 08 November.

For more information about Postal Voting or Proxy Votes, visit our webpage for full details.
Register to Vote
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