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February 23, 2019

The Three Most Interesting History Stories I've Found:

2019 discoveries in Egypt: Do you, like me, wonder how we can keep finding stuff left by the Pharaohs? Lately, new finds flow forth from isolated Tuna El-Gebel. Last month: two cemeteries with 50 mummies; a year ago: we heard about multiple priestly coffins and 1,000 ushabtis. Also last month, six Old Kingdom tombs were found near Aswan. 

Sometimes being forgetful happens for a reason. I forgot to set up this report to send at the usual 11 am hour this morning, but as a result I came across this story to add to it:
80 years ago this month, "A Night At the Garden" drew 20,000 Americans to Madison Square Garden in New York for a "Pro America Rally."
It was hosted by the American Nazi Party.
The chilling 7-minute documentary about it is up for an Oscar tomorrow night, and you can watch the entire short film online 
Please do. To hear the  Pledge of Allegiance and the "Star-Spangled Banner" in such circumstance, and to watch men walk in and salute in front of the huge banner of George Washington (you can see that in the poster) is blood-curdling.
The New Yorker posts this analysis of the event and how we view it today.

Something a little lighter to leave you with: Remember paper dresses from the late 1960s?
MessyNessyChic posted some wonderful pictures and stories about those dresses and more. 
What more? A video of swimcap fashions in the 1950s, outlandish sunglasses created by Parisienne optician Pierre Marly, who designed for Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's,  and the shiny vinyl clothes made popular by Mary Quant and Carnaby Street designers. 
THIS LINK goes directly to the MessyNessy piece; the links in the previous paragraph will give you more background info. 
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