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Happy New Year!
January 12, 2019

The Three Most Interesting History Stories I've Found:

Why on earth do we call them Lazy Susans? No one knows, but if you remember having one in your home in the 50s or 60s, congratulations--your family was avant garde! The first rotating platter was used in Kan's Restaurant in San Francisco's Chinatown in the mid-1950s, invented by George Chow and John C. Young ... although there's a longer history going back to China itself. 
Johnny Kan's Restaurant is also famous for training Danny Kaye in the art of Chinese cooking. 

A 50,000 year old tiara. This mammoth bone head dress, found in a Siberian cave, is impressive. It was NOT worn by a Homo sapiens or Neandertal. No, this ancient cave housed Denisovans, an extinct species. Denisovan descendants live on, though; 5% of the dna of native people in Australia and Papua New Guinea, and 2% of Asians and Native American dna is Denisovan. Here's what the most recent research says about them.

This time of year, everyone's got a top ten list. So what are the top tens of archaeologyLive Science's list includes discoveries from the Middle East and the Americas, covering dna studies, old footprints, breweries, and graves. Archaeology Magazine listed different finds, including this strange bronze hand from Switzerland.
As for what to watch for in the coming year, here's Live Science's take on that.


Something for Writers

From the Make A Living Writing site (which many of us would like to do, correct?) comes another Top Ten list:

Writing Advice That Works:
The Top 10 Posts of 2018

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