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Message from the President

Dear VTV Members and Supporters,

It was wonderful to see many of you at our well attended March gathering in Baltimore. It had been a long time for many and we missed others that could not make it. As we all know, family is important and getting together from time to time is essential. Not only to be able to learn about the important progress VTV is helping make in relation to school and campus safety, but also to able to share with and support one another on this journey.

We welcome our new Executive Director, Alan Davis, to VTV. Many of you had the opportunity to meet Alan in March. He brings to VTV 21 years of higher education service in student affairs management as well as 16 years as respected, active and successful association executive and leader. Alan hit the ground running on April 16, and has already changed the landscape at VTV and has made progress in building important relationships that will lead to VTV's growth and sustainability. 

October 10-12 will bring another opportunity for us to meet at the VTV Annual Meeting. As part of our continued outreach, we hope to have families of victims and survivors of other school and campus tragedies that share our common bond, attend. We look forward to seeing you for a memorable experience.

Peace and Love,
Joe Samaha

New Executive Director, Alan Davis

I am pleased to say hello and report to you in my first newsletter as Executive Director of the VTV family Outreach Foundation.  My initial few months as ED have been an exciting and illuminating experience.  It is very apparent to me that the foundation has a dedicated number of members and supporters who are committed to furthering its mission and goals.

I enjoyed meeting many of you at the March meeting in Baltimore.  It was an excellent meeting with participation by many families.  I visited Virginia Tech for the Remembrance Weekend in April where I also had the opportunity to connect with family members.
The 32 NCSI program is moving forward.  We will have a detailed report for the annual meeting.  At this point nine college beta sites have been selected and are in various stages of completing the survey and providing feedback and critiques.  The feedback has been very helpful and will assist us in fine tuning the survey that is eventually distributed.
The National Center for Campus Public Safety (NCCPS) has opened its office in Burlington VT. Kim Vansell, former Director of Public Safety at the University of Central Missouri is the Executive Director.  Joe Samaha, Daniel Carter and I attended the open house in June; Joe also attended the inaugural meeting of the Center's advisory board.  We are expecting the Center to significantly advance the cause of safety in colleges and universities.

As many of you know we are administering a United States Department of Justice grant in conjunction with the Community Office of Policing (COPS) office.  A training curriculum for school resource officers (SROs) will eventually be created.  The final product is due for completion in the summer of 2015.  I will keep you apprised of our progress.  The National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) has assisted us.

The Actively Caring for People staff from Virginia Tech have been involved in the COPS grant.  We hope to continue working with them in an effort to expand their program to colleges and universities as well.

We have been in discussions with George Mason University to establish an office on their campus.  We have made good progress with the GMU administration and I anticipate we will be situated there soon. Part of the GMU relationship involves directly assisting them as they develop their campus safety, wellness and mental health efforts.

I dedicated significant time this summer to connecting with our Congressional supporters. I am impressed with the respect and admiration the respective staff members have for the foundation and its mission and goals. There has been a considerable amount of activity the past few months on Capitol Hill and from the White House regarding issues of sexual violence and assault on college campuses.  VTV has been involved in providing input to the discussions and development of legislation.

We have concentrated this past summer on expanding the external relations of the foundation.  This involved seeking collaborative opportunities with like-minded organizations.  Our relationship with NASRO is an example of those efforts.  We have approached several higher education associations to collaborate with and have had success. An example of this effort is the foundation's involvement in the Violence Prevention Conference being held this January by the National Association of Student Personal Administrators (NASPA).  NASPA is a major higher education organization based in Washington that represents college and university student affairs administrators.  We were asked to be a cooperative sponsor of their conference and are involved in the program development. We also participated as a sponsor in the annual College and University Police Investigators Conference (CUPIC), held in August. 
I will be sharing details about other relationships at the annual meeting. Part of this effort involves developing sponsors for the foundation.  Presentations by VTV supporters and staff are a major aspect of our external relations efforts.  In the past few months Daniel Carter has made presentations to a variety of groups, e.g., National Organization of Black Law Enforcement (NOBLE) annual conference, Coalition of Higher Education Associations for Substance  Abuse Prevention (COHEASAP) meeting, International Student House Symposium on Campus Safety. 
Please let me know if you have any question so concerns.  I can be reached at

Alan Davis

National Center for Campus Public Safety

By working with a bi-partisan team of Congressional legislators, led by Virginia Congressman Frank Wolf, to champion a National Center for Campus Public Safety, VTV's advocacy has secured Congressional support for funding the Center in 2014, 2015, 2016.   

The National Center will be a resource for campus police chiefs, directors of public safety, emergency managers and key campus safety stakeholders. With this in mind, the National Center will be a catalyst that brings together all forms of campus public safety, professional associations, advocacy organizations, community leaders, and others to improve and expand services to those who are charged with providing a safe environment on the campuses of the nation's colleges and universities.

To follow the National Center's progress - Please sign up for their "Weekly Snap Shot" at

32 National Campus Safety Initiative

Nine colleges and universities from across the country have signed-on to pilot test all seven 32 NCSI survey instruments. George Mason University, the first institution signed-on for the full pilot. Staff is working with representatives of the remaining eight institutions to address proposed changes to the Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA), schedule survey administration, and recruit additional institutions.
A sub-grant application to support program implementation has been submitted to the U.S. Department of Justice for funding through the National Center for Campus Public Safety over two years. The grant would fund further development of the surveys covering each of our ten existing focus areas (Alcohol & Other Drugs, Campus Public Safety, Emergency Management, Hazing, Mental Health, Threat Assessment, Missing Students, Physical Security, Sexual Violence, and Cyber Safety) along with Fire Safety. Phase One, covering the first 12 months, would refine and enhance the surveys from the pilot phase as well as establish an online survey collection tool. Phase Two, covering the second 12 months, would revise and expand the surveys.
Phase One would include a professionally facilitated two-day workshop with 11 subject matter experts, creation of an online survey tool, participant recruitment (with a target of 100 or more institutions participating) including through collaboration with higher education associations, collection and analysis of the survey results, and an outcomes measurement process used for self-examination and reporting to DOJ. Phase Two would follow a similar model and build on the results of the first phase. Funding for primary and support staff is built-in.

The U.S. House of Representatives on May 30th approved with a strong bi-partisan vote legislation appropriating continuing funding of $2 million for the National Center for Campus Public Safety, $75 million for a comprehensive school safety initiative, and $12.5 million for grants to combat violence against women on campus. Similar legislation unanimously passed the Senate Appropriations committee, and on June 19th the Senate voted to move forward with consideration of the House bill. This progress bodes well for this funding to be approved in "regular order" before the beginning of the 2015 fiscal year on October 1st. 

The U.S. Department of Education (ED) on June 20th published proposed regulations to implement the Violence Against Women Act amendments to the Clery Act, also known as the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act (Campus SaVE Act). VTV's S. Daniel Carter served as one of fifteen Negotiated Rulemaking Committee members that aided ED in crafting these proposed regulations. The proposed regulations, agreed to by the diverse constituency groups representing higher education, advocacy groups, and consumers, reflect clear guidelines for institutions on addressing sexual violence that will help guarantee support and justice for victims, as well as fair conduct proceedings for both victims and accused.

VTV Outreach Crisis Response Team

As part of the VTV Family Outreach Foundation's mission and strategic plan, VTV established an Outreach Crises Response Team.  VTV Family and staff members were trained by the National Organization of Victims Assistance in victims' advocacy and assistance in response to school shootings.   The goal is to formulate policies and procedures on how to reach out and respond (including travel) to victims, upon request.

In the aftermath of recent school shooting tragedies, the Chardon High School (OH) community reached out to the VTV Family Outreach Foundation for assistance in helping the victims, survivors, their families and school administrators. Upon request, from the Chardon School Communications Director, VTV sent Colin Goddard, to assist meeting two students and their moms.

VTV representatives recently visited the Sandy Hook Community of Newtown, Connecticut.

Meet our 32NCSI Expert – Connie Kirkland

Kirkland Appointed to ACPA President’s National Task Force
Connie Kirkland, NOVA director of student mental health and behavior, and manager of the Sexual Assault Services Program, has been appointed as a member of the 12-person American College Personnel Association President's National Sexual Violence Task Force, which had its initial meeting in Washington, D.C., August 4 to 6.

In addition, Kirkland was a trainer at the Magna Publications "Title IX Compliance Institute" held in D.C. on August 6 to 7. Her presentation encompassed victim support in Title IX investigations, and how campus culture affects Title IX cases.

2014 Board of Directors

  • Joseph Samaha, President
  • Brad Updegrove, Vice President
  • Jody McQuade, Treasurer
  • Stephanie Herbstritt, Secretary
  • Jennifer Herbstritt
  • Lolly Miller  
  • Alec Calhoun
  • Rachel Forsman

2014 Membership Directory Update

Our Membership Directory has been updated and is now grouped by family. It includes the information of all family members that have approved their listing. If you would like to make a change to your address, phone or email please contact us and let us know so we can keep the information accurate and up to date and ensure your most updated information will be included when we distribute the new Directory shortly. Keep an eye out for it soon!

If any of you would like to make changes or add additional family members to the Directory, please contact Marjorie at
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