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A low carbon future is in our reach...

At the close of 2014 it is thrilling to see how greatly ambition has been raised. This was the year understanding that we need be close to zero emissions by mid-century spread from the negotiating halls, to the boardrooms, and from city leaders to citizens all over the world. This augurs well for the new international agreement to be agreed in Paris in 2015, in which the long-term zero goal can guide near-term targets, as well as direct ambition to decarbonise our global economy within a generation. Getting this far is the result of the work of thousands of people over the years.

Track 0 was launched in September 2014, as an initiative to serve all of those working for the long-term goal of net zero by mid-century. This is a fitting time to acknowledge the tireless work of many leaders and unsung heroes, whose outspoken support for net zero allows us to achieve our mission. We mention just some of them here: 

The work of thousands of scientists through the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report confirms that we need to be at zero emissions and below by 2100.

Christiana Figueres and her team at the UNFCCC have consistently highlighted the need for global emissions to be at zero in the timing science supports, and for all activities to be carbon neutral, through their work with policy makers, businesses, investors, civil society and cities. 

Rachel Kyte and the team at the World Bank have been instrumental in so much action and influence on climate change this year, notably the Bank’s support for net zero as a goal for its future work

Mary Robinson and the team at MRFCJ have shown the way in demonstrating the links between energy and equity by focusing on how to combine both so that developing countries benefit from clean energy.

Felipe Calderon and respected Commissioners of the New Climate Economy Project support ‘net zero’ as a guiding goal of new international agreements and to direct near-term investments, demonstrating that economic growth can be based on clean energy.

The collective work of the IIED, ODI and CDKN through #ZeroZero has been invaluable to integrate thinking on the SDGs, international disaster agreements and the 2015 climate agreement with zero carbon at its core. Their central message is being heard loudly and clearly: we must achieve zero emissions and zero poverty within a generation.

Jennifer Morgan and the team at WRI have been rich contributors to the debate in many ways. The ACT2015 project has brought together all the research, analytics and options on the science and economics of net zero and other features that have brought huge value to the negotiations.

The OECD’s Angel Gurria has demonstrated long-term support in getting net zero into the conversation at an influential level, amongst ministers and business leaders, and has provided important impetus.

E3G has consistently supported the zero emissions pathway. Their senior researcher and youth expert, Camilla Born worked with us to ensure the YOUNGO community had the knowledge tools to demonstrate that zero emissions is central to intergenerational equity.

Niklas Hohne, through Ecofys and now the New Climate Institute has been key to the thinking of many aspects of the zero carbon pathway. We are honoured to have him on the advisory board of Track 0. 

The support of civil society is not only influential in policy-making circles, it’s the game-changer in the decisions made by business, sub-national governments and cities. The tireless support for phasing out fossil fuels, phasing in 100% renewable energy and assuring a future that is clean, fair and bright, has come from numerous organisations and coalitions, some of which we mention here. The GCCA has contributed so much through their outstanding communications programme; CAN-International brought 900 organisations’ positions together on the long-term goal through their influential actions, publications and networks; Avaaz and have galvanised ambition for zero emissions and 100% clean energy, by mobilising hundreds of thousands of citizens on the streets and online, at the negotiations and by creating citizen support for disinvestment. We tip our hats to you daily. 

Quiet ‘friends of net zero’, including some of the best minds in climate change, provided invaluable advice behind the scenes, which we’re privileged to have gained. We’ll continue to seek counsel and support the work of all as we progress into 2015 and beyond. 

New friends of ‘net zero’ bubbled up through 2014. The Interfaith Community launched their powerful declaration, “Climate, Faith and Hope: Faith traditions together for a common future” in September 2014, to great impact, creating a stronger than ever groundswell for climate action, including the long-term goal. We’re excited to work with you further in 2015.

We are grateful to friends in the business coalitions we’ve worked in 2014 and look forward to 2015 initiatives together. The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders’ Group, especially Sandrine Dixson-Decleve and Nicolette Bartlett have put zero firmly on their members’ agenda, as has The Climate Group provided unflagging support for the goal. The WBCSD, We Mean Business, CDP and the B Team have been outspoken on the zero goal, encouraging their members to raise ambition.

We thank our collaborators at Architecture2030, especially the visionary Ed Mazria, for leading the thinking and actions of the influential design community who are already changing the built environment, providing daily evidence that a new paradigm is not only achievable, it’s a better life.

And finally, the Ministers and Negotiators of nearly 100 countries who have the vision to support a long-term goal, based on the science, in the Paris 2015 agreement deserve our gratitude in recognition of their work to embed the directional signals needed from international policy.

We extend warmest wishes to you for a peaceful holiday break and an exciting year of climate action in 2015. 

Farhana, Sharon, Jennifer and all the
team at Track 0


We look forward to sharing our work on business and the built environment in January. Please let us know if you would like to participate in this programme by emailing
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