MegaGlest v3.13.0 released

The MegaGlest team is proud to announce the release of v3.13.0. Notable
improvements to this release include:

* multi-building select and key-binding for production of units
Buildings of the same type can be added to a control group, which
means multiple units can be produced with a single click.

* bug-fix: A crash (out of sync) that sometimes occurred when playing with
fog of war disabled has been fixed.

* improved AI behavior

* Training scenario
When a player enters the lobby for the first time, a training scenario
is automatically launched. This scenario must be won before the player
can actually enter the lobby. This change was deemed necessary to keep
multi-player games enjoyable for long-time and new players alike.

For a more complete list of bugfixes and improvements, see the change log:

Download MegaGlest v3.13.0:

You can access the forum, wiki, and documentation through the official
MegaGlest web site:

Thanks for playing!

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