Dear INDI friends,

We are enjoying the rest of the summer, but we won't rest 'till the next summer!
You can watch INDI's films at various festivals in Europe and the world, so lets see what is happening right now:

NELLYS ADVENTURE will be in cinemas from Today 16-09-08
Our premiere in Stuttgart
(Thanks to NELLY author Jens Becker for the pictures)
NELLY’S ADVENTURE finally had its premiere in Stuttgart on Saturday and it was a huge success! A lot of happy faces in the almost sold out movie theater and a lot of applause for the film and also for the Nelly crew who later openly answered questions for the audience.
On Sunday the next stop was Erfurt, where we
could enjoy again a lot of excited and happy faces before and after the screening. So don't miss the next screenings in Bruchsal (16-09-10) and Berlin (16-09-11).
Or just watch it in a cinema near you, because from today (16-09-08) on Nelly's Adventure will be in many cinemas in Germany!
Find a cinema near you where Nelly will be screened:

Thanks again to all the people who made this possible and thanks to Bastei Media, Rommel Film, SWR, SR, MFG, MDM, DFFF, FFA, BKM, Roma Trial, Libra, Farbfilm Verleih and Beta Cinema!

Enjoy the film and be part of our adventure!

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NOWA AMERIKA is a "Junger Dokumentarfilm" (German young documentary talents fund), directed by Kristof Kannegießer, we did in collaboration with the SWR.
Kristof went on a journey to Nowa Amerika, the "promised land", where a Utopia of a radical open-minded society becomes reality. It is a state which can’t be found on most maps, but which exists boasting its own language, constitution and laws. It is inhabited by over 300 confessed Nowa Amerikans.
Kannegießer discovers how humor and provocation can bend and destroy borders in our minds.
The documentary is now in post-production and will hopefully enter some festivals across the country in autumn. Fingers crossed!

Director: Kristof Kannegießer
DOP: Dietmar Ratsch
Producer: Sonia Otto

THE GHOSTS THAT SUMMONED ME is a poetic documentary by Diana Näcke. It is her newest film after Diana had an international success with „MY FREEDOM, YOUR FREEDOM“ (2012) which won several prizes and was shown not just at the Berlinale.
The new film is about the life of 43-year-old Turk Engin Piravusta. His life consists of contradictions: TV and fast cars versus Allah and the djinn, ghosts that both give him support and the chills. The key lies in his family secret in Turkey.
After a highly creative shooting and editing process spanning several years, we are now proud to announce that the film is in post-production.
Hopefully we will watch the film together soon on many different festivals across the world!

Director: Diana Näcke
Music: Misha Qrella
Producer: Sonia Otto
We are looking forward to meeting many great people in Leipzig where our project BODY OF TRUTH (formerly GIRLS LIKE ME) will be at the co-production market of DOK Leipzig.
It is a project by director Evelyn Schels about women who use their own body as a political and artistic weapon in society.
Travel time isn't over yet! We are looking forward to many great festivals in autumn where you can watch INDI films around the whole world:
MILAN / ITALY – Biodiversita Festival – PASSION FOR PLANET

CARROUSEL / CANADA – Carrousel International du Film – NELLY’S ADVENTURE
CHEMNITZ / GERMANY – Schlingel Kinderfilmfest – NELLY’S ADVENTURE
SEATTLE / USA – children's film festival – NELLY'S ADVENTURE



See you there!

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