Welcome to Week Two!

We hope that you've enjoyed week one.  There was a fair bit of work to cover and it's been pretty crazy in the discussion forums so we hope that you have managed to navigate all of that OK.

It's all about assessment this week!  Remember, if you are short on time just make sure that you cover all of the main reading material.  Keep the extended reading and extra resources for a later date, the course pages will be available to access after the 6 week course has ended.

We are all delighted to see the engagement in the discussion forum and may have commented at how much they are learning from it.  Just remember, this about learning from each other, answer each others questions and try to seek out the expertise of those that have more experience than you.

We hope that you enjoy week two!

Your course coordinators

Barbara Rau and Rachael Lowe

Introducing week two
Lower Limb Amputee Rehabilitation Course - Week 2 Introduction
Watch Aicha from ICRC and Rachael sum up week one and introduce week two.
Week Two
Its a big week this week, don't get overwhelmed!  

As Aicha says in the video, set your own learning objectives and fill in the gaps where you feel your knowledge is lacking.  As Rachael says, focus on the main reading tasks, save the extended reading for when you have more time.

You can find the course instructions here -
Top tips for the discussion forum
  1. Remember, be professional at all times - although much of this course encourages social discussion on Facebook (see our reasons for his here) please remember to maintain your codes of practice and be professional. In particular:
    - do not post any information in the discussion forum that allows us to identify your clients
    have respect for your fellow course participants
    - do not direct message in the people unless invited to do so
    - do not friend people unless you know them

  2. There are so many of you in the discussion forum it is difficult for us to respond to everything.  Try to use your own knowledge to help others where you can and if you see or experience any unprofessional behaviour please let us know without delay! 
  3. Don't try to read everything - the discussions are pretty crazy, please don't feel like you have to read everything.  Just make your own contributions and spend what ever time you have available to learn from the conversation.
  4. Try to save certain questions for later in the course - you might have a question that we will cover later in the course, save you questions for that week.  You can check out what we will be covering each week here -
  1. Set your own objectives.  Move at your own pace. 
  2. Videos are optional. Where possible we have provided a text alternative.
  3. Stop, think and do, to make the most of this learning opportunity.      
  4. Embrace the experience.  Always be courteous and polite, and be respectful of each other. If you know more than others, then please contribute and help others.   
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