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Welcome to the latest edition of The Advocate.
Landcare NSW held a Council Meeting and Partnership Forum in Sydney in August. I would like to thank all Councillors who attended and also our partner guests; Bryce Wilde (Natural Resources Commission), Geoff Hudson (Office of Environment and Heritage), Scott Nichols via video link (NSW Department of Primary Industries) and Chris McCulloch (Local Land Services).
You can read all about what has been happening and upcoming events in this latest edition of The Advocate, including the Landcare Muster and NSW Landcare and Local Land Services Conference, which is being held in Albury next month.
The Landcare NSW Team, Executive and Council are looking forward to supporting all Landcare initiatives in NSW during the remainder of the year.

Rob Dulhunty, Chair.
Landcare NSW
In this edition of The Advocate...

Bridges to Boorowa video - A NSW Parliamentary Friends of Landcare Celebration

Video Launch for Bridges to Boorowa

A brand new video has been launched by Landcare NSW to showcase the Parliamentary Friends of Landcare celebration of the Building Bridges to Boorowa Landcare/Bushcare program.

The short six minute video tells the heartwarming story of the 17 year partnership between Sydney-based Bushcare volunteers and the Boorowa farming community. 

This event was the first reciprocal visit, with a group of 50 children, farmers and Landcarers from Boorowa making the 670km round trip to plant native species in a precious area of bushland on Sydney Harbour. 

For the NSW Parliamentary Friends of Landcare (PFL) the event was an opportunity to see firsthand how Landcare is helping local communities.  The PFL continues a longstanding tradition of bipartisan support Landcare has enjoyed since it started nearly 30 years ago. The next PFL event will be Trees in the House a cocktail party held in Parliament House in November.

National Landcare Network and Landcare Australia Merger Update

A strong new national Landcare organisation will be created as a result of a merger between the National Landcare Network (NLN) and Landcare Australia (LA) Limited. 
This merger is a significant development in the history of Landcare and will establish a structure and leadership to secure Landcare’s future as a powerful force for achieving positive agricultural, environmental and social outcomes.

NLN is the representative body for Landcare, channelling the voices of Landcarers from all states and territories via their peak bodies.  As a membership based organisation, NLN is directly accountable to the Landcare community.
LA is an independent not for profit that manages valuable assets such as the ‘caring hands’ brand on behalf of the whole Landcare community. LA also raises and distributes funds, organises conferences and awards and promotes the Landcare movement nationally.
The evolution of Landcare has made it essential that these bodies merge so that Landcare has the organisational structure it needs to remain relevant and adaptable. This will combine the talents, skills and passion of the committed staff and volunteers of the two organisations.
The Boards of the National Landcare Network and Landcare Australia acknowledge the
Australian Government’s encouragement of both organisations to work towards building a
stronger, refreshed and vibrant Landcare movement.

The Boards recognise that these objectives can be best facilitated by a single organisation which presents one national voice for Landcare. 

The Chairs of the two Boards have advised of their strong and genuine support to merge, forming a single national representative body. The two organisations are committed to working constructively towards this outcome for the benefit of the grassroots Landcare movement.
The Boards have established a Merger Committee which, with the support of the respective CEOs and management teams will lead the process under the direction of the two Boards. The intent of the Merger Committee is to develop a merger plan over the next few months, and to implement that plan in the first half of 2018.
The next key milestone is to develop a constitution for the merged entity which presents an opportunity to refresh and reinvigorate Landcare though the combined strengths of both the NLN and Landcare Australia and reaffirm the community Landcare movement at the centre of natural resource management in Australia.
The aim of the new national Landcare entity will be to promote and support that which is unique about Landcare – grassroots volunteer effort that both cares for the environment and improves the sustainable productivity of our agricultural land, and generates community resilience and employment.

Partnership Forum

For the past two years, Landcare NSW has held a Partnership Forum as part of its quarterly Council Meetings in Sydney.

Key policy makers and stakeholders are invited to provide an update to Landcare NSW regional representatives on what is happening at a State and Federal level. Our Councillors are invited to share what is happening in their regions and communicate the achievements and issues they are experiencing.

This month's Forum focused on the funding opportunities and programs available to Landcare groups and included information on NSW Government’s Catchment Action NSW regional funding, Habitat Action Grants, and the Environmental Restoration and Rehabilitation Grants program. Please ask your local Landcare NSW Council representative for more information. 

Please like and follow the Landcare NSW Facebook page to keep up-to-date on funding opportunities as they become available.  

Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative - Update

The Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative (LLCI) held its second state-wide workshop in June to connect host organisations and coordinators through a regional and state-wide community of practice, to share experiences, learn skills and connect with each other and other landcarers.

The workshop was held via Webinar on 21st June. It involved all Regional Landcare Facilitators, Local Landcare Coordinators and members of management committees/ hosting organisations.

It was held remotely at 10 locations across NSW connected by video conferencing facility. This was the first time that either Landcare NSW or Local Land Services have held a workshop like this via webinar and represented a trial of this technology to meet Landcare needs.

This 2nd workshop focused on consolidating the progress of the LLCI and being able to report against outcomes. It also included a live Q and A panel session to provide answers to regional issues and questions.

This webinar workshop was the second of three workshops planned for the Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative across the life of the program.

A link to the resources available in relation to the workshop is below:

“Learn Share Connect” LLCI Second State-wide webinar held 21st June 2017

Pictured above: Western Landcare webinar in action.

Sustaining Landcare Update: Landcare Trust Project  

The Landcare Trust Project is progressing well on building and enacting the necessary infrastructure needed to deliver this project successfully. 

Work currently underway by Landcare NSW includes:

  • investigating several innovative fundraising channels from individual supporters to large corporates. 
  • a new Supporter Rewards program is scheduled to be launched with a target date of 1st October.
  • the Landcare NSW website will be refreshed to reflect the new branding strategy and a  new 'secure’ members area.

Discussions have also begun as to how Landcare NSW can become a Community Partner and financial beneficiary of the Container Deposit Scheme and we are working with local Landcare groups to maximise these benefits. 

NSW Landcare & LLS Conference

The 2017 NSW Landcare and Local Land Services Conference is being held at the Albury Entertainment Centre in Albury from 25th to 27th October.

The complete Conference Program is now available, including information on the Concurrent Streams
(including presentations and site visits). You can choose between Biodiversity, Agriculture, Aboriginal Landcare & Water.

This conference is the premier event to showcase best practice Agriculture, Water, Biodiversity and Aboriginal Landcare across NSW and includes the annual Landcare Muster and the NSW State Landcare Awards. 

Don’t miss this chance to connect with around 400 people from Landcare and community groups, farmers, Aboriginal groups, industry and government representatives from across NSW and Australia. 

REGISTER NOW: Registrations are now open, with early bird tickets available until  25th SeptemberRegister here.

Prepare Yourselves! The 2017 Landcare MUSTER is coming!

It is Muster year again! Landcare NSW is inviting its key stakeholders to help define the path Landcare in NSW is taking.

The Landcare NSW Muster is held bi-annually as part of the NSW Landcare and Local Land Services Conference. This year it will be held on the morning of the first day (Wednesday 25th October) of the 2017 NSW Landcare and Local Land Services Conference in Albury.

In preparation for the Muster in October, Landcare NSW is providing an opportunity to shape the 2017 NSW Landcare Muster and ensure it is relevant to local Landcarers across the State. A Landcare NSW Muster Preparation Kit, has been provided to the Landcare community to gather their input for use in development of the Muster.  

Attendance at the Muster is included as part of the registration for the 2017 NSW Landcare and Local Land Services Conference.

Please ensure you indicate if you are attending the Muster on the registration sheet.

Registrations are open NOW, with early bird tickets available until 25 September.

Go to

If you are not attending the conference you are still welcome to attend the Muster session on the morning of the 25th October at no cost. Please ensure you sign in on the day, but please note you will be unable to attend any further part of the conference activities.

If you are a Landcare District or Network Group, a Regional Landcare Facilitator, Local Landcare Coordinator or Landcare NSW Councillor and you haven’t received a Muster Preparation Kit in your inbox yet, please contact the Landcare NSW team on 02 6686 2779 or
The 2017 Muster is brought to you by Landcare NSW with the support of the NSW Environmental Trust and the National Landcare Programme.


The Gerald Carnie Memorial Award - Last chance to get your nominations in!

This is your last chance to nominate for the 2017 Gerald Carnie Memorial Award. Nominations are due to close on Friday 1st September.

The award will go to an individual in recognition of their contribution to the development of “the philosophy of Landcare” at the biennial NSW State Landcare Conference being held in Albury. This year's award is sponsored by the NSW Parliamentary Friends of Landcare.
In June 2011, Gerald Carnie, a committed Landcarer from the Parkes area, died suddenly at the age of 46, leaving his wife Lorraine and sons, Ryan and Jarrod, grieving and the Landcare community shocked.
The Gerald Carnie Memorial Award for Keeping the Landcare Flame Alive was established by Landcare NSW to recognise this very special individual’s contributions to the Landcare movement.

Applicants will be judged on the impact they have had at the local AND regional or state scale to ensure that Landcare can prosper.

Gerald Carnie

Make sure you don't miss out - Submit your nomination NOW! 

Click here to submit your nomination.

Writing the Roadmap - Landcare NSW strategic planning

A strong sense of mission and a clear plan for the future have helped Landcare NSW achieve significant results for the NSW Landcare community over the past three years.
In 2014, Landcare NSW developed a three year strategic plan based on contributions from grassroots Landcarers.
Much of that plan has now been delivered.  Key achievements include:

  • the Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative
  • formation of the Landcare Trust to diversify funding sources
  • a renewed partnership between Landcare and the NSW Government/Local Land Services
  • the formation of the NSW Parliamentary Friends of Landcare
  • growth and professionalisation of Landcare NSW as the peak body for the NSW Landcare community

 Of course there is still a lot of work to do. 
One of Landcare’s strengths is our ability to adapt and remain relevant in changing circumstances.
Landcare NSW has been reflecting on what has been achieved and we are now planning the next three year strategy. Senior staff, Executive members and Council reps will hold a strategic planning session in August to write a roadmap for the future.
Our aim is to do the best job we can do as your representative body – to provide a strong voice for Landcare, to attract funding and support from government and other partners, and to deliver services to help you carry out the valuable work you do at the local, district and regional level.

Record numbers attend the Western Landcare Forum

Almost 200 people attended the recent Western Landcare Forum 2017 which explored the relationship between healthy landscapes and healthy food and celebrated the diverse range of produce from the unique region. This years’ theme of Healthy Landscapes, Healthy Food, looked at how Producers, Industry and Government can all work together to promote both the produce and its sustainable production credentials for Western NSW. 

The Western Landcare Forum is generally held every two years and brings together land managers and groups from across Western NSW to share success stories about sustainable agriculture as well as learn of new opportunities and innovations. This year it was held in Broken Hill and provided an opportunity to showcase regional produce through cooking demonstrations and trade stands.

The Forum included a number of speakers, workshops and field trips exploring topics such as tools for marketing options; brand development; sustainable management practices including landscape rehabilitation; managing for biosecurity & biodiversity; and enterprise diversification.  

Some of the esteemed speakers and workshop presenters included the likes of Major General the Honorable Michael Jeffery – Soils for Life ambassador; Sophie Hansen – 2016 Rural Woman of the year; and Dick Richardson – Holistic Management Educator.  The Landholder panel included Georgina Luckcraft, Katie Davies, Chris Ferguson & Garry Hannigan.  

Importantly, the forum highlighted the unique connection between environmental and production outcomes in the Western region, and explored opportunities for dedicated land managers to take advantage of current trends involving food provenance and sustainability, and put the produce of Western NSW on the map.

Pictured above: Members of the Western Forum organising committee.

Landcare NSW Council Endorsement Process

Ensure your region has an Endorsed Representative!

With the upcoming Annual General Meeting of Landcare NSW Inc to be held on Wednesday 15th November it is time to consider the endorsement of each Regional Representative position as part of the Landcare NSW Council.

If your region already has a representative on Council, they are still required to be re-endorsed by their regional representative body annually prior to the AGM, unless they have been on Council less than 12 months. 

If you’re interested in representing your region, would like to nominate someone to represent your region or would just like to find out more, please get in touch with your regional network or collective committee.

Regions will soon receive an endorsement pack to guide them through the process. If you have any further questions, please contact Cassie Price, Operations Manager on (02) 6686 2779 or

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