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Connect 1 to be announced at Thermik

At the Thermik 2015 we will announce our newest family member, the Connect 1. It will be the first in a range of long awaited smart varios, with their main feature being their connectivity and touch screen.

We will roll out with a small batch of about 100 Connect 1 in March, which we will sell to selected pilots. These first 100 Connect 1 owners will have to apply to us for becoming early test pilots. The sale itself will be done through our vendors. We will inform you of the details in due time.

The aim of rolling out with a small batch is to get early feedback on the vario from pilots and to improve the software as we go along. Read below what you can expect of the Connect 1 and about the new pricing model we will be using.

It’s probably important for vendors and pilots to understand that the Connect 1 is a replacement for the Flytec 6020: A mid-range vario with some exciting new features that no other instrument on the market offers to date. But we are also working on its bigger brother, a new high-end vario to replace the 6030.

Resources for media can be downloaded from this link.

Connect 1 highlights

  • Wireless connection: WiFi and Bluetooth allow for the wireless upload and download of data as well as in-flight connection with external sensors and actors
  • Automatic software updates: The Connect 1 tells the pilot when a software update is ready. The vario just has to be online every once in a while, so the pilot doesn't miss the notification
  • Graphic thermal assistant: A feature that helps the pilot find the strongest lift in a thermal and stay there
  • Graphic airspace assistant: Navigates the pilot around airspaces on cross country flights
  • Map with main features (roads, rivers, towns)

Connect 1 pricing model and features

When the Connect is launched in March 2015 it will be a basic high-quality vario. But that‘s only the beginning. Over the coming months we will add more functions. And as we add functions, we will also increase the price.
This means pilots can get an early Connect 1 with just basic functionality for a comparably low price. All the following software updates will be free until the Connect 1 reaches full functionality. On the other hand, some pilots who require a specific function can wait until the Connect 1 has that function, but pay a slightly higher price for it. No matter at which point the pilot decides the Connect 1 now offers the right functionality, all subsequent updates will be free.

This is the roadmap for the Connect 1 as far as we know it now:
  • March: Altitude, vario
  • May: Waypoints, airspaces
  • July: XC routes
  • September: Race routes
  • November: Maps

Thermik 2015

with special guest Marc Wensauer and Harry Buntz

Come visit us at the Thermik fair in Sindelfingen, Germany, on February 28th. Our main focus will be the Connect 1 and the Element. We'll also have a signing hour with Marc Wensauer of the German national team and their team boss Harry Buntz. They'll be signing T-shirts, of wich sales proceeds will go to the German national team, and he'll also Flytec varios bought at the fair. Signing hour will be from 13:00 to 14:00 o'clock at our booth.

Here's a link to the expo set-up and where you can find us. See you there!

New Logo

You've already noticed above, over the past months we have been working on a new appearance. Part of this has been a new logo. This is what the new logo looks like and it will start popping up here and there. We are rolling this out slowly and gradually, because we don’t like to throw stuff away that’s still good but carries the old logo.

All resources of the new logo can be downloaded here. The zip file contains a little guide, explaining how the logo should be used, as well as all 4 colour versions of the artwork as illustrator, editable PDF and PNG file.

Brauniger is now Flytec Germany

As we have announced last year, Brauniger is now called Flytec - Flytec Germany, to be precise. We are currently in the process of building, to which is now re-rerouted as well. We would like to emphasise one more time that nothing changes for owners and vendors of former Brauniger varios - their contacts stay the same.

Element manual

We are currently working on the full manual for the Element and we are expecting to have this completed by March in English, with German and French following soon after. At the same time we will add a couple of more points to the quick guide which is shipped with the vario:
  • Changing language: At the moment the Element ships with the three firmware editions for German, French, and English ready for installation in the “update” folder. To change the language, a pilot simply installs the firmware edition for the desired language, just like re-installing any other firmware update.
  • USB connection: In terms of maintenance we advise the pilots not to keep their Element plugged into the computer for a prolonged time after exchanging files with it. Keeping it plugged in drains the instrument’s battery.
Some of our vendors are doing a fantastic job of translating the manuals into their market languages. For example, we have a Russian version of the quick guide now, which can be downloaded from our website. We thank our vendors for the efforts they put into making information available to the pilots in their area!
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