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General Election 2019 Newsletter

NIESR is aiming to improve the level of public understanding and the quality of media coverage of the key issues facing voters on 12 December. 
As well as providing data and illustrative charts, we have published compact briefings that further the understanding of public policy questions while our expert economists have made a number of podcasts and vodcasts.  Where manifestos touch on the topics we will integrate a balanced assessment of party policies. You can see a selection of our work below.

Once the dust has settled after the election result, these issues will also be some of the most pressing facing the new government in the months and years to come. So please continue to read these briefings even after the Election. We would like to thank
The Nuffield Foundation for their support.

Our Research Briefings focus on:

The Economy and Brexit​​​
  • The Current Economic Backdrop
  • The Fiscal and Macroeconomic Impact of Political Parties’ Proposed Policies (two briefings)
  • The Economic and Fiscal Impact of Brexit
  • Assessment of Monetary and Fiscal Policy Frameworks
Regions, Productivity and Trade
  • Places and Spaces: Mapping Britain's Regional Divides
  • Trade and Trade Policy after Brexit
  • Education Policy Priorities and a look into the Manifestos
Minimum Wages

You can listen to new, snappy 10-minute podcasts of chats between our economists examining four key issues:
  • Minimum Wages
  • The Economy
  • Education Policy
  • Regional Divides


There is a series of 6 vodcasts where NIESR staff explain some of the key issues in less than three minutes each:
  • Should we raise the minimum wage?
  • Are Britain’s skills stagnating?
  • Does the government need new spending rules?
  • Has Brexit hurt the economy?
  • Has Brexit already reduced immigration?
  • What to do about left-behind places?
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