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“Elements” is an online initiative by Catholic Youth Parramatta which offers content for youth ministers to use in their respective parishes, schools and movements. It will be distributed monthly.
We look forward to seeing how Elements grows with you. If you wish to discuss the content of this initiative further, contact Robyn on
We should speak, then, as the Holy Spirit gives us the gift of speech.
- St Anthony of Padua 

Power of Words

As we welcome the new year, we also welcome the on-going journey of life! Some may have set resolutions or have mapped out goals they wish to achieve. We know, however, that these are not easy and in most cases, there's a need for accountability and encouragement from others to be able to reach these ideals. We need to be surrounded by good company in order to pursue what is good, true and beautiful.

To begin the new year, we have collected resources based on the topic of Friendship. Friendship is an important area of our faith to explore as it encourages young people into community and teaches them to build relationships based on trust and love. Friendships are where young people find a place to belong, are able to grow in holiness and can share the joys and struggles of every day life.




  • The Power of Words to Tell Lies or Speak Truth
    Mari Pablo reflects on the frequency of lies in our everyday life, how labels we hear or place on ourselves restrict who we are, and shares how we can use the truth from the Bible to combat lies and labels. Honestly, the whole video is full of practical tips and would recommend watching all 12 minutes! 

  • I tried daily affirmations for 7 days.
    A fun little video of a man trying daily affirmations, talking to himself in the mirror targeting some self-doubts and speaking positivity into his life. This could be incorporated with scripture to speak God’s truth in your life. 



“Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.”
Ephesians 4:29 (NIV) 


Youth Group Activity Idea:

Affirmation Envelopes

This activity is designed to be an uplifting and light-hearted prayer time that will lead into small groups. By giving all youth leaders and participants an envelope, everyone will have the opportunity to affirm one another and to reflect on what was written. 

Simply, write the names of youth leaders and participants on individual envelopes and hang them on a wall. Have pens, textas, and paper cut to a similar size to palm cards available at the front or at a prayer focus. Then give up to 30 minutes for all to write affirmation to one another. Music of choice can be acoustic praise & worship or Christian lofi - aim for something that will blend into the background that will not be a distraction. 

Ensure all participants get an affirmation by getting the youth leaders to write only to participants and have one person monitor which envelopes get less attention. In preparation, write out scripture verses that are about God’s love to distribute into the envelopes. 

Saint of the Month: St Agatha of Sicily
Feast Day: 5th February 

Agatha was a Sicilian virgin of noble heritage who gained the attraction of the governor of Sicily. After Agatha rejected his advances, she was charged with being a Christian and brought to trial. Agatha bolding proclaimed her faith and, consequently,  was tortured multiple times and imprisioned. As she prayed in prison, the apostle Peter appeared with healing remedies and she was healed. Four days later, an earthquake erupted whilst being tortured killing two of the governor’s friends. Agatha returned to prison where she later died. 

St Agatha is one of seven women recognised in the Eucharistic Prayer I which is prayed at Mass. 

  St Agatha, Pray for Us!
Blessed is She Wallpapers
Free downloadable phone and desktop wallpapers that speak TRUTH into your life each time you open your phone! Memorised one verse? No problem as new wallpapers are released each week!

January Devotion: The Holy Family

February begins with the Holy Family going to the temple for the Presentations of Jesus. John Paull II in his Letter to Families said “The Holy Family is the beginning of countless other holy families''. Through the Holy Family, we see examples of virtuous living and willingness to follow God’s lead. 

Through the month of February, take some time to reflect on the Holy Family and allow them to inspire us how we communicate and love our own families.

Holy Family, Pray for Us. Amen!

Encounter Catholic Music in the Archdiocese of Brisbane recently dropped an incredible album focusing on the psalms. The album showcases local artist using their gifts to share the psalms in a contemporary way that is guaranteed to aid prayer. 

"In the Catholic Tradition, we understand God as infinite, loving, the source of all that is good true and beautiful, and a God who is in the end, indescribable. The Psalms Project is all about creating music that reflects our indescribable God. The kind of stuff you can listen to in the car, at home, or at prayer, but wherever you are, it draws you into the mystery of God."
- Encounter Catholic Music

Get Your Game On: Out of Ten


Set Up: 

  • Blindfold
  • Chairs sitting across from each other

Aim of the Game: 

  • To be the pair that correctly guesses 5 points and claim the ultimate ‘best friends’ title. 


  • Get one volunteer to choose their ‘best friend’ - the person who knows them the best and sit them across from each other. It's best to have at least two pairs to compete against each other.
  • The volunteer is then blindfolded while their ‘best friend’ can see the game leader
  • The goal is for them to get the other friend to say “____ out of 10” by giving them examples of things they might rate at that level
  • The game leader will raise the amount of fingers to fill in the blank. Then it is up to the ‘best friend’ to give examples
  • Have the different pairs take turns describing the number. If they get it correct, they get a point, if they don’t, the turn goes to the other pair. 


For example, my best friend and I love Marvel movies. If he’s blindfolded and I see “2 out of 10” appear on the screen, I would say something like, “Thor: the Dark World”. That movie is one of the worst and hopefully my friend would rate it and say, “2 out of 10”.

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