December 2017
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Shalom Cottage, Harrisonburg, Va. The retirement home embodies Prudent planning, Energy efficiency, Accessibility, Comfort that enhances community and Environmental responsibility.
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Peace Guides Construction Plans

“Our interest in thoughtfully using the earth's resources goes back to the 1970s when our Mennonite church embarked on an early effort to build an energy efficient structure,” Art McPhee, Harrisonburg, Va., says.

Now in retirement, he and his wife, Evie, had the chance to build their own environmentally responsible home which they named Shalom Cottage. 
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MCCN Invites Creation Care Stories 

Last month, our newsletter contained an invitation to share what kinds of creation care you've been involved with at home or in your workplaces and communities (as opposed to at church.) Gentle Readers, the response I know you can do better than that!

Let me give you a reason to fill out our form. Earlier this month, I received a call from a recent college graduate who is part of a group of peers concerned about the environment. "What does MCCN have to offer us?" she wondered.

One answer I gave was, "Access to older mentors." I described a few of the active people in our network and the wealth of experience floating out there. Sometimes MCCN is able to help two people with similar concerns connect. Others find encouragement through our online presence. The more we know about who's in our network and what they are up to, the easier it is for these connections to form.  

Even if you are not the actor in the drama or only have a bit part, we welcome hearing what good things are happening in your part of the world. 
Jennifer Schrock, Leader, MCCN

Tell us what you're thinking and doing
A greenhouse in process at the new Hungry World Farm, Tiskilwa, Ill.
Plow Creek Fellowship Becomes Hungry World Farm 

Hungry World Farm, Tiskilwa, Ill., is a new nonprofit that aims "to educate and inspire people about healthy food, fields and bodies while caring for the land."

Since 1971, the farm belonged to the Plow Creek Intentional Community. The community is closing at the end of 2017, but a new vision is developing under new leadership. MCCN Member Cal Zehr, pastor of Tiskilwa's Willow Springs Mennonite Church, is involved with this vision.

Seeking a farm experience? Hungry World Farm's website includes a job application for workers and volunteers. 

AMBS Offers Course in Creation Care

Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary (AMBS) is again offering a six-week online course entitled, Biblical Foundations of Creation Care. Old Testament Scholar Ben Ollenberger will lead students through Genesis, Proverbs, Isaiah, Job and John 1. The course begins February 7. Register by January 17.  

In 2016, the Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development named AMBS as 12th in a list of 28 seminaries in North America that excel in offering courses on faith and ecology. 

A new column by Carole Suderman, Boulder Mennonite Church, Boulder, Colo. Carole has been offering her congregations challenges like these for the past 20 years. Her 1,000th tip appeared in Boulder's bulletin on December 10. Carole says:

Be mindful of holiday trash: Can you guess how much more garbage than usual is thrown away each week between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day? Americans generate a million extra tons a week during these holidays! Let's be intentional about what we buy, how it is packaged, how we wrap it and how we dispose of things.

Be inventive and ecological in wrapping Christmas gifts. Gifts can look beautiful wrapped in newspaper comics, in cloth bags sewn out of fabric scraps, or in "Christmas bundles" swaddled in a towel and tied with yarn. The gift pictured looks attractive wrapped in a grocery bag and a recycled belt.  

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