Tyler + Katie Selby .  August 2017 
Campus Ministry in Nekempte, Ethiopia 
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From one culture to another
                                          ...to another

I (Tyler) was standing in front of the group of students just before we began our first session. I had spent weeks before planning each session for the two and half day conference, gathering supplies, figuring out the budget, and making sure every detail I could think of was covered. And yet I still was unsure about how this experiment would go: our family and the Weeks family was hosting a team of five students and one college minister from CMF Globalscope Salamanca for a conference about student ministry with around twenty Ethiopian students from Nekempte. The Globalscope ministry in Salamanca, Spain had been operating for over a decade and we were just getting started with our college-student ministry in Nekempte. Hosting this team from Spain seemed like a great opportunity to introduce the ministry potential among college students to our students in Nekempte. But the Spain students were in a very different cultural setting, the Nekempte students were being introduced to very new ministry ideas, and to top it all off, everything had to be double translated from Oromiffa to English to Spanish or vice-versa. 
            The idea for the conference began when our seminary friend and colleague from CMF, Cody Spencer, asked if he could bring a team of students on a short-term ministry trip to Ethiopia. Cody leads the Globalscope ministry in Salamanca, Spain. When we thought about the amount of experience in college student ministry that was coming to Ethiopia through these 5 students, we started planning a conference all about college student ministry. Our idea was two-fold: first, because college student ministry is new idea in Ethiopia, we wanted to draw on the experience of the Spain students in order to show how God can use a well-functioning ministry to spread His kingdom among students. Secondly, we wanted to give the Spain students a different kind of short term mission trip—we did not want them to build anything or do anything that the church in Nekempte couldn’t already do for itself. Instead, we wanted for members of the body of Christ to meet on equal footing and learn from each other.
            Our conference went like this: for two days, we met for a session in the morning, broke for lunch, and returned for another session in the afternoon. During these sessions we tried to cast a vision for the Ethiopian students about the shape that we hope the Nekempte college student ministry will take: we spoke about the importance of a healthy community that cares for one another and learns the habits of becoming a disciple of Jesus; the need for leaders that guide the community and model the characteristics of Jesus themselves; and finally, the importance of our community to become a ministering community, not only serving one another, but also serving those outside of our own group. On the third day, we took time to pray for one another and for the two groups of students (one from Spain, one from Ethiopia) to write a blessing for one another. It was on this final day, while listening to the students speak blessings to one another, that I knew that our conference had been a success. They spoke thoughtful words of blessing, and the students who were formerly strangers, can now call each other brothers and sisters. The offering of our meager labor had been taken up by the Spirit and multiplied far beyond what we could have hoped to perform ourselves.  

      to Normandy
              to Nebraska-
     then Northeast Tennessee

A couple weeks after the Spain team left, we were packing up our house and getting ready leave Ethiopia to have our second child.  On our way back to America, we took a little detour through France—through Normandy to be precise. Tyler’s parents met us in France where we could enjoy time with them, eating great food and seeing some beautiful sites. It was a wonderful time and we’re grateful for the chance to enjoy another beautiful corner of the world.   
We are now back in America, settling in for a short time before baby #2 comes along. Katie is due any day now, at 39 1/2 weeks pregnant. We are staying in McCook, Nebraska, near Katie’s family. We are working to keep up our language skills during our time away from Ethiopia, planning for classes that Tyler will teach when we return to Ethiopia, and catching up with supporters and churches while in the States. Our plan is to stay in Nebraska for about a month after the baby is born, and then we will take a multi-day trip to Tennessee, with several stops on the way. We hope to be in Johnson City by about October 9, where we will stay through the end of the month. We will leave from Tennessee to return to Ethiopia at the end of October and dive into a new school year that will have just begun Nekempte.

Thank you for walking alongside of us in the ministry that we do. 

With love, Tyler, Katie & Ruby
Above pictures are from Normandy, Arromanches and Omaha Beach. Fun fact: Ruby loves to eat steamed mussels, by the pot.
Prayer Requests

- Safe delivery of our baby girl
- Restful and refreshing time in the States before we return to Ethiopia
- Good start to the school year in Nekempte as we begin our ministry with college students in earnest
- Our many transitions: in becoming a family of 4, travel to Tennessee, back to Ethiopia, then to Nekempte, adjusting to life in Nekempte with a new family member and everyday life in ministry.
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