July 2016, Nov. 2, No. 7

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Join Us for National Night Out
Tues., August 2, 5:00-8:00 pm, at Serramonte Center

Please join the City of Daly City to celebrate National Night Out, America’s “Night Out Against Crime” on Tues., August 2. National Night Out is a national effort to promote involvement in crime prevention activities and community and police partnerships.

This free event is made possible through the generous support of Republic Services, Macy’s, MADD, Serramonte Center, and Sonitrol Security Systems. Bring your family out for fun activities, small giveaways, and to meet fellow residents and Police, Fire, and City staff. In addition, the popular Off the Grid Food Trucks will be onsite (fees for food and beverages apply). The event will be located on the northeast corner, near the digital billboard sign. Learn more at Make National Night Out part of your summer!
Daly City Installs an Internet Safe Exchange Zone

Recently the City Council adopted an Internet Safe Exchange Zone at City Hall located at 333 90th Street. Residents now have access to two parking spaces highlighted with special turquoise paint directly in front of the police station. There is also a sign designating these parking spots as an exchange zone under a 24-hour live recorded video feed that goes straight to the Police Department. These high resolution cameras are able to record faces and license plates.
The City cannot guarantee buyers or sellers that they will not become victims of crime or fraud as a result of a transaction. Rather, the video monitoring and nearby police presence are intended to provide a safer alternative to meeting a stranger in their home or an unfamiliar location. Please keep in mind, the Police Department advises residents to meet during daylight hours and to bring a partner or inform a friend/family member of the meeting. Your safety is our priority. If you have questions or concerns, please call the Daly City Police Department at (650) 991-8119.
Construction on John Daly Boulevard Begins August 2016
Streetscape improvements coming to John Daly between Delong Street and Mission Street
The John Daly Boulevard Streetscape Improvements Project is a “Complete Streets” project that will improve the accessibility and connectivity between the Daly City BART station at Delong Street and the SamTrans bus hub at the Top of the Hill (Mission Street). 
The project will narrow the median island, install bicycle lanes, and construct new pedestrian facilities, bio-swales and landscaping. The project will utilize recycled water to irrigate the new trees and plants. The project also includes the installation of pedestrian scale lighting along the walking path and new street lights on the north and south medians, as well as traffic signal modifications at Santa Barbara Avenue. Lastly, the project will repave the street and install curb access ramps and stamped crosswalks. 
The City received over $2.2 million in grant funding from the Federal OneBayArea Grant (OBAG) program and San Mateo County (Measure A). Sanitation Funds will fund the recycled water pump system and the installation of bio-swales. The remainder of the project will be funded with local Gas Tax and Measure A funds.
Construction is expected to last approximately six months. Traffic delays will be minimized to the extent possible but some traffic delays, noise, and inconvenience will be unavoidable. For questions or concerns related to the project, please call Public Works – Engineering Division at (650) 991-8064.
North County Fire Authority brings you this short video on how to protect you and your family.
Can I get fined for washing my car?

A resident recently asked if it was appropriate for him to wash his car, and if not, could he potentially be fined. 

It is not illegal to wash your car, especially if you use an on/off hose nozzle. Ideally when washing your car at home, it is much better for the environment to wash your car on the lawn. It’s even better for the environment when you visit a commercial car wash. At a commercial car wash the water goes through the sanitary sewer system and is treated before it heads into local waterways.
The First Daly City Parade
In Daly City, just about everybody loves a local parade. Although routes for parades have changed and frequency of such community spectaculars has diminished over the years, enthusiasm of participants or spectators has remained constant. Daly City’s first parade established a yet-to-be-broken record for population participation. That record was set on July 4, 1911.
One hundred and five years ago, Daly City’s first community parade was organized to celebrate the incorporation of the city and the adoption of an official name. Boasting an “official” population of 2,900 in that year, parade marchers numbered “over 2,000,” according to an after-the-fact story published in the San Francisco Examiner daily newspaper.  
Of special interest among the marchers was a patriotically decorated flatbed farm wagon sponsored by the local Hog Ranchers’ Protective Association. The ranchers were headed by James Callan, one of the area’s highly prominent citizens. Mr. Callan waved enthusiastically to friends along the parade route. The vehicle proudly evidenced a caged litter of pigs, closely shaven for the occasion and supplying oinky sound effects.
After gathering and being placed in selected order, parade participants proceeded from the south along Mission Road, near the current city-line between Colma and Daly City, to the San Francisco-San Mateo county line. After reaching Daly City’s northern border at Templeton Avenue, the parade retraced its steps, proceeded south, and returned to the junction of Mission Road and Wellington Avenue near John Daly’s ranch at the Top-of-the-Hill. Of little surprise to participants and spectators, the start of the parade was delayed for several hours in deference to “a fog-shrouded soggy atmosphere.”
At Daly’s Hill, early-day fog had lingered and was waiting for the passing of the parade, along with several hundred non-marching spectators. Certain dignitaries had been directed to seats awaiting them on a temporary street-side reviewing stand that was highly decorated with American flags, streamers, and red-white-and blue bunting. 
Shivering from the cool air, guests included John Daly himself, who had given the new city the ultimate gift of usage of his name. As could no other person, Daly viewed with unique interest the marching units, flag wavers, bands, decorated vehicles, and pigs.
According to an early issue of the San Mateo County Historical Association’s publication “La Peninsula,” the 1911 parade served to “drown all bickering and partisanship” as experienced in the days preceding the election that established Daly City just a few months earlier.
Leaders of the parade were city and county officials, walking and waving to localites along the parade route. Behind them marched gentlemen that had also hoped to become members of Daly City’s first Council, followed by men of the Civic Betterment League. The League was followed by several hundred school children, led by the Superintendent of Schools Professor William J. Savage. Each student enthusiastically waved a small American flag or red-white and blue pennant. After passing the reviewing stand, youngsters were given ice cream treats.
Other participants included representatives of the Eagles’ Drum Corps, Daly City’s  volunteer fire department, Lady Foresters, Woodmen of America, Royal Neighbors, and Progressive Junior Socialists of Daly City.
Over the past 105 years, Daly City has hosted a myriad of pleasant processions. Some have simply been made up of five-or-six horn-tooting vehicles on the eve of elections, meandering wedding or graduation celebrants, or grand extravaganzas celebrating historical anniversaries. Each has contributed to the quality of life found in Daly City and might be remembered as a Thread of Yesterday.
Safely Dispose of Old and Unused Medications at City Hall

Trace amounts of medicines are present in California waterways, much of which comes from medicines (both pills and liquid forms) that are flushed down the toilet or drain, or put into the trash. Our wastewater treatment plants are not able to filter pharmaceuticals out of water, so the contamination is eventually released into waterways. When medications end up in landfills, they contaminate water as well. These pharmaceuticals cause harmful effects on aquatic life and become more concentrated as they move up the food chain. They also pose a risk to human health.
Residents are encouraged to drop off unused medications, prescriptions, and vitamins here at City Hall, located at 333 90th Street. There is a free collection container right outside of the Police Department. As the above picture shows, it looks like a white mailbox and is marked for “Pharmaceutical Disposal Only.” Just remember to remove pills from their boxes/bottles and place them all together in a sealed plastic bag. Leave liquids in their original container. Do not drop off sharps with your medications. Thank you for helping keep our waterways free of pharmaceuticals!
Transportation Authority Seeks Community Volunteers
The San Mateo County Transportation Authority is seeking volunteers to serve on its Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC). The CAC is a 15-member volunteer group who serve in an advisory capacity to the Transportation Authority’s Board of Directors.
Interested persons can download an application or apply online at, or call (650) 508-6223 for more information. The deadline for submitting the application is September 6, 2016.
The CAC provides valuable input on the projects and programs in the 2004 Transportation Expenditure Plan (TEP), which outlines the goals, guidelines and requirements for the expenditure of the sales tax revenues generated by Measure A, a measure that was approved by 75.3 percent of the voters of San Mateo County in 2004. The plan includes Caltrain improvements, highway and street projects, allocations to cities and the county for local undertakings, para-transit service for people with disabilities, and pedestrian and bicycle facilities. Applicants are encouraged to learn about the Measure A program and the TEP before applying. Information is available at
The committee meets the Tuesday before the first Thursday of the month at 4:30 p.m. in San Carlos. Members of the CAC must be residents of San Mateo County.
Bayshore Shuttle Route Changes Coming in September
The Bayshore Shuttle provides free shuttle service Monday through Friday. The route starts in the Bayshore community and ends at the Daly City Bart Station. It will provide a total of 11 roundtrips, which is an increase of six trips from the existing service. The first shuttle will start at 6:00 am and the last shuttle run stops at 8:00 pm at the Bayshore Community Center. The service change is scheduled to take effect on September 6, 2016, which is the day after Labor Day. As more information becomes available, the City will make every effort to inform the community.
Daly City Public Library Hours Reduced in Response to Ongoing Budget Deficit

Daly City’s public libraries will be reducing service levels in an effort to better align expenditures and revenues. Library hour changes become effective the week of September 12, 2016. No libraries will be permanently closed.    
  • Bayshore Library will be open Tuesdays and Thursdays (10 am to 6 pm). This is a reduction of 1 hour from the current schedule (5.9%).
  • John Daly Library will be open Mondays (10 am to 6 pm), Wednesdays (12 to 8 pm), and Fridays (12 noon to 6 pm). This is a reduction of 14 hours from the current schedule (38.9%).
  • Westlake Library will be open Tuesdays (12 to 8 pm), Wednesdays and Thursdays (10 am to 6 pm), Fridays (12 to 6 pm), and Saturdays (10 am to 5 pm). This is a reduction of 7 hours from the current schedule (15.9%).
  • Serramonte Library will be open Mondays and Tuesdays (10 am to 8 pm), Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays (10 am to 6 pm). This is a reduction of 12 hours from the current schedule (21.4%).
The administrative offices of the Department of Library and Recreation Services will be closed Mondays. Administrative staff will focus on processing payroll, paying bills, along with catching up with class registrations and facility reservations. Calls originating from outside the City’s phone system will be routed directly to voicemail and responded to the following day.

The cost-cutting measures are expected to save the City of Daly City $183,000 in the coming year, including salary savings of approximately $121,000.  Materials acquisitions, library special activities, and some online services will also be reduced because of the cuts.
Late Fees for Materials Checked out to Children and Teens Eliminated at Libraries in San Mateo County 
As many libraries are undergoing a renaissance in new technology, STEM related programming, and *maker-related user experiences, the act of checking out a book and other library materials has remained relatively unchanged, including overdue fines for materials that are returned late. To improve that experience for youth and families in Daly City and throughout San Mateo County, the Peninsula Library System (PLS) announced that daily late fees for materials checked out to children and teens will be eliminated effective July 1.
“Peninsula libraries offer an incredible array of collections, services, and events designed to help children and teens experience the joy of reading, build a love of learning, and succeed in school. Owing fines is a barrier to accessing these wonderful library activities, especially for families with limited financial resources,” said Derek Wolfgram, Peninsula Library System Administrative Council Chair and Redwood City Public Library Director. “We want to make sure every child and teenager in San Mateo County has every opportunity to benefit from their local libraries,”
“We are so grateful that our communities have come together as one voice to commit to the success of our children by increasing access to knowledge,” said Carol Frost, Peninsula Library System Assistant Director. An examination of Peninsula Library System user data revealed that 13,530 juvenile library cardholders, or 11% of all juvenile cardholders, were unable to use library services due to the amount of money owed on their library accounts. While juvenile patrons make up 25% of the total cardholders in PLS, they represent 32% of all patrons with a financial block.
Fees associated with unreturned or damaged items will still be charged. Ultimately, removing late fines means removing barriers to library materials and services. Libraries have always been considered the great equalizer and this is just one more way of leveling the playing field for our community located in the Silicon Valley Tech Corridor.
“It’s still not too late to sign up for the Summer Learning Challenge at any Peninsula library, and we hope families that have stayed away because of overdue fines will come in and sign up right away,” said Wolfgram.

*To learn more about how libraries are becoming "Makerspaces" read this article from Make titled, "Library Makerspaces: Bringing Access to Knowledge in a Whole New Way." 
It's Happening at the Library!
Below is the new Storytimes Listing for the rest of the summer:
Thursdays, 3:30 pm (5 to 8 years old)
John Daly
Wednesdays, 6:00 pm (Whole Family)
Tuesdays, 10:15 am (Whole Family) 
Wednesdays, 7:15 p.m. (Whole Family)
Thursdays, 10:15 am (Baby Bounce)
Wednesdays, 10:15 am (Baby Bounce)
Thursdays, 10:15 am & 1:15 pm (Whole Family)
2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month, 7:00 pm (PJ Storytime)
No Adult Permission Required! Starting July 1, 2016, teens aged 14-17 are now able to apply for their own library card without a parent or guardian. They must show a government-issued photo ID or high school photo ID. Of course they may also still apply with a parent or guardian. Their co-signing parent or guardian would need to bring their ID instead. The new policy provides teens with an opportunity to easily obtain a Daly City Library card. Teens with the busiest of parents, are still allowed the opportunity to access the library's materials and online services in an independent manner.
Daly City's 2015 Water Quality Report is now available on the City’s website

The annual report details regulatory compliance of the City's drinking water to our customers. Residents may request a copy of the report by calling the Department of Water and Wastewater Resources at (650) 991-8200.
Drought Restrictions Continue
Although California's water supply picture has improved as a result of your water conservation efforts and the near normal rain and snowfall over the last year, the drought is not over. On a statewide basis, the Governor's emergency drought declaration remains in effect. Daly City has a four percent (4%) local conservation goal, a reduction from the original eight percent (8%) goal mandated by the state.

Daly City residents are encouraged to continue using water wisely and to take proactive steps to avoid waste. Later in July, Daly City expects to take formal action on its local water restrictions to match use relaxations enacted by the state. While residents will no longer be subject to a two-day per week outdoor irrigation schedule, residents will still be expected to avoid wasteful water runoff or to use water to hose down paved surfaces unless for a health or sanitation purpose. Outdoor irrigation will continue to be restricted from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm along with during a rain event or within 48 hours after.

Daly City also encourages residents to take advantage of remaining high efficiency toilet and washing machine rebates offered in partnership with the Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency. For additional information on available rebates and water conservation practices, please contact the Department of Water and Wastewater Resources at (650) 991-8200.
Water Main Improvement Project Affecting Rice St. and Wilson St.

Rice Street and Wilson Street Water Main Improvement Project starts this July. Parking along Rice St. and Wilson St. will be temporarily impacted during the construction. 

Dated "No Parking" signs will be posted at least 48-hours in advance at some of the parking spaces. Please do not park where these signs are posted as vehicles may be towed when work starts. At the end of each work day, the parking spaces will be restored. Access to your driveway will be maintained at all times; however, please allow for extra time in the event work is occurring in the street immediately adjacent to your driveway. Construction work hours are between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm on Rice St. and Wilson St.

The contractor will be replacing the existing water mains on Rice St. and Wilson St. The newly constructed water main will provide increased water flow and fire protection capacity. The contractor will be digging in the street to install the new water mains, valves, hydrants, and appurtenances. The project includes the installation of new water service lines from the new main to the existing meter boxes in the sidewalk. There will be temporary service disruptions associated with the connection of the new main to the existing system and with the service line replacement. 

Residents will be notified in advance of the planned service disruptions. The water main replacement work is scheduled to begin in July 2016 and is expected to be substantially completed in September 2016. Exact dates of construction work will be posted at least 48 hours prior to the work. The contractor will restore the street surface and pavement markings after the water main construction is completed on Rice St. and Wilson St.

If you require special attention or have project related questions, please call Jeff Bastian, Project Inspector with the City, at (650) 991-8200. You may also contact Roland Yip, Civil Engineering Associate with the City, at (650) 991-8155. 

Thank you for your patience while we make improvements to our City. 

Daly City and Colma Fire and Police Departments, as well as local Starbucks stores, are once again partnering with the Daly City Partnership on the Summer Backpack and School Supply Drive. Last year, the Daly City Partnership provided over 350 new backpacks to local students in need. This year, in order to include low-income high school students on the distribution list, the goal is to attain 500 backpacks. 

Here's how you can help:
  • Send a cash or check donation, or merchandise gift cards for stores that sell backpacks and school supplies
  • Visit the Daly City Partnership's website to make a Paypal donation
  • Rally co-workers and associates to contribute to the cause
  • Purchase backpacks and/or school supplies and drop them off at any Fire or Police Station or Starbucks in Colma or Daly City, or at the Community Service Center located at 350 90th Street, Daly City 
All cash and charge donations, which are tax-deductible, received now through August 15 will go toward the purchase of new backpacks and supplies for our neediest students. Did you know that nearly 60% of all students in Daly City public elementary schools qualify for free and reduced price lunch, based upon a top annual income of $41,000 for a family of four? With the high cost of housing and living in the Bay Area, the need now is greater than ever. 
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