Greetings!  We would like to start off by saying thank you for being a part of the Fults Family Vineyards Wine Family.  It means so much to us that you are a part of this dream-turned-into-reality. We would not be able to bring our vision and wines to you without your love, support, and help.  We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor as much as we do, and know that every bottle we produce is hand crafted and selected with YOU (our “FAMILY”) in mind.  

Our fundraiser on November 7th was a HUGE success. 100% of ticket sales and silent auction proceeds were donated to Rotary Club of Middletown; and with your help, we raised over $6,500!  Our deepest gratitude to Boar's Breath, Chic le Chef, Kara's Cupcakes and Piper Johnson Catering for the amazing food and The Hip Replacements for the awesome music.




Life changing.  An understatement for some, but it seems to be the only appropriate way to describe what this past summer has brought us.  What a difference the last few months have made on our beautiful county. We were just starting to return to a semi state of normalcy after the first two major wildfires when we were completely jolted by the third (and hopefully) final major wildfire of the season. The Valley Fire erupted on September 12th and our small, relatively unknown community became center stage on many major news networks.

As is the case with many disasters, everyone can vividly recall where they were or what they were doing at the exact moment the fire began to impact them.  We, as a county, have displayed tremendous compassion and community spirit by coming together and offering support to those in need.  The outreach and donations from our county, in addition to neighboring counties and all over the nation has been overwhelming.  I know I am not alone in feeling like my faith in humanity has been restored. 

While many parts of the county and a lot of our close friends begin their rebuilding process, we must do our part and promote the wine industry as a way to bring back some positivity to our county.  Before the fires, the flow of traffic thru the tasting rooms was steady.  Understandably, it has been much slower the past few weeks, but we need to keep up the momentum that Lake County IS Strong and will overcome this disaster.  Let’s all spread the word that most businesses have returned to regular hours and are looking forward to seeing some friendly, familiar faces.   

As a final note, many people have wondered how the fires have impacted this year’s wine production.  Our unusually early harvest definitely helped minimize the smoke taint due to the fact that most of the fruit was not in the delicate ripening stage where the flavors can really have an impact on the crop. That is not to say that there won’t be any trace of smoke, but it should be minimal here in the south county. With that being said, the harvest has been lighter than recent years, but that is to be expected after two years of average to heavier yields in addition to our statewide drought status. In any case, we are grateful for the bounty and look forward to the wines that are the result of this unique 2015 harvest. 

The Fults Family



2011 “Estate” Twilight Proprietary Red Blend
The 2011 Estate red wine is named after our family matriarch and artist Twila Fults.  A blend of our front slope and back slope vineyards is comprised of 65% Petite Sirah, 20% Grenache, 10% Petit Verdot, and 5% Malbec.  This wine is voluptuous and rich with balanced fruit.  An artistic approach is kept in mind with making this wine to reflect the woman it is named for.  Enjoy this wine with any cut of dark meat and good company. 

2013 Lake County Red Wine “Wildfire”
The 2013 “Wildfire” is rich and intense.  Aromas of Blackberries and Plums with a touch of tobacco are quite noticeable.  The palate explodes with ripe blueberries, baked berry tart, and toasty vanilla bean.  The finish is long and luscious and stays with you for a long time.  This wine contains 25% Malbec, 25% Syrah, 20% Petite Sirah, 10% Grenache, 10% Mourvedre, and 10% Zinfandel. 

This wine is dedicated to the men and women who battle the blazes not only locally but around our great state.  We will donate $5 for every bottle of Wildfire sold to our local fire department.

2014 Lake County Sauvignon Blanc
The 2014 Lake County Sauvignon Blanc is cool fermented in stainless steel tanks to retain its fruity flavors and aromas. The aromas are unique with scents of sweet citrus, tropical fruit with hints of fresh-cut grass.   On the palate, a touch of sweetness is perfectly balanced with lively acidity that enhances juicy flavors of grapefruit, quince and guava.


(additional discount if you re-order any of the wines in this shipment)




Retail: $15
FFV Wine Family: $12
Reorder: $10.50



FFV Wine Family: $14.40
Reorder: $12.60


Retail: $40
FFV Wine Family: $32
Reorder: $28


Retail: $30
FFV Wine Family: $24
Reorder: $21

Our Culinary team and front of house staff recently enjoyed tasting two varietals from Fults Family Vineyards.  We discussed what we liked about both wines and the flavor profiles.  It was interesting to hear what each staff member picked up and would pair with the respective wines.  The first was an FFV 2014 Pinot Gris which we all loved for its apple notes and crisp flavor.  We all thought our curried chicken salad was the ticket to pair with it.  We prepare it as a filling for pita bread and as a topping for a pita chip to be served as an appetizer.  The fruity Pinot Gris is the perfect foil for the curry spices. 

The rich black currant, blackberry and hint of smoke flavors balance out the FFV 2013 "Wildfire".  This blend was a favorite among staff as well.  Grilling in the fall in Lake County is a great way to spend a lazy Sunday.  The chefs thought a beefy NY  steak grilled with an intense rub would make Wildfire sparkle even more.  Both recipes are below.  Enjoy!     


Serves 10 (6 oz.)
3 tbsp curry powder
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup champagne vinegar
4 cups mayo
10 cups chicken breasts, cooked and cooled in cooking liquid
1.5 cups toasted almonds
1.5 cups raisins
4 cups Granny Smith apples, julienned on mandolin
Toast curry in small skillet.  Cool.  Mix with brown sugar, mayo and champagne vinegar.  Shred chicken with hands.  Add raisins, toasted almonds to chicken.  Pour curry mayo over chicken mixture.  Add julienned apples and combine.  Serve in scoops on salad greens or on sandwiches. 


Serves 6
Kosher salt and fresh ground pepper
2 tsp light brown sugar
2 tsp ground espresso powder
1 tsp granulated garlic powder
1 tsp allepo pepper (found in gourmet grocery or on-line)
1 tsp smoked paprika
1 tsp ground sumac (found in gourmet grocery or Middle Eastern markets)
3 ½ New York strip steaks
In a small bowl combine 2 tablespoons salt, 1 tablespoon ground black pepper, brown sugar, espresso powder, smoked paprika, ground sumac, and Aleppo pepper.  Pat steaks dry with paper towels and rub with olive oil.  Rub the three steaks with spice mixture.  Cover dish and refrigerate for 2 hours to allow flavors to get into meat.
Use the two fire zone approach and fill one side of grill with charcoal, leaving other side empty (cool zone).  Cook steaks for two minutes on one side and turn over and cook for two more minutes.  Transfer steaks to cool side and cover.  Cook 8-10 minutes until steak registers 120 for medium rare.  Place steaks on plate and cover tightly with aluminum foil to rest for 15 minutes.  Remove foil and slice in strips.  Sprinkle with sea salt and serve.
Aleppo pepper (also known as halaby pepper) Starts as a pod which ripens to a burgundy color.  Moderate heat level of 10,000 on Scoville scale.  Has fruity under tones with a raisin like flavor with a bit of kick
Sumac:   A reddish-purple powder used as a spice in Middle Eastern cuisines.  Adds a zesty lemony taste to salads and meats.
Created by Chefs of Chic Le Chef
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