Introducing Oasis Community Partners
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Hi Good Food Markets Neighbors,

We are proud to introduce to you our latest endeavor, Oasis Community Partners.

OCP was formed as an independent non-profit to build on Good Food Markets' passion for the possibilities food has to create
community relationships, health, and well being. We will continue to work hand-in-hand with GFM to improve food access, education, and community health in Woodridge and Langdon.

Perhaps you have been to one of our cooking classes or community roundtables, maybe one of your kids has visited our store with their school or community center, or been part of a lesson at the Langdon Park Community Garden. You may have even participated in a survey or focus group with one of our many partners.

So far this year, OCP's volunteers, interns, and staff have done all this and so much more. As we move ahead to 2017, we wanted to recap everything we've accomplished so far, and give a big THANK YOU! to everyone who has supported our efforts.

This is just the beginning. Together, we look forward to turning every food desert into an Oasis,

Philip & The OCP Team

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Monthly Cooking Classes
Produced in conjunction with
UDC & the Woodridge Public Library
Clockwise from Top: A joyful participant, Chef Theresa Rosser, Chef LaShell Staples, and Chef Janna dePorter all cooking up special meals at the library.
Our longest running program and still going strong! These monthly classes at the Woodridge Public Library are led by Chef-Nutritionists from UDC and bring together neighbors of all ages and skill levels to create a healthy and delicious seasonal meal.
Join Us for the next cooking class
at the BRAND NEW Woodrige Library
Monday, October 17th at 6:30pm
UDC Data Team
Expanding the Discussion on Food Deserts
UDC seniors Marlena Wright and Wola Osunsade work on their presentation for
Undergraduate Research Day with Dr. Amanda Huron.
The UDC Data Team, Marlena, Wola, and Dr. Amanda Huron worked for the first half of 2016 to gain a better understanding of the barriers not only to fresh food, but employment, educational, and economic opportunity throughout the District. Their work will soon be available online in the form of interactive GIS maps. Until then, take a closer look at Marlena's presentation which won first prize at UDC's Undergraduate Research Day, and in the process provided her the opportunity, via ICE-E to intern with OCP over the summer as we continue our efforts to better understand the social and economic causes of food insecurity, preventable disease, and income inequality.
Store and Garden Tours
Growing Knowledge
The Green Scheme and Rooftop Roots lent their expertise to the initial garden build in April.
Good Food Markets has been hosting school and other youth groups for store tours since our inception. This summer OCP was able to expand upon these events to include growing and nutrition lessons at Langdon Park Community Garden, through our partnership with 2016/7 DC Food Corps Fellow Karen Davison, in addition to the food system and math lessons taught in the store.
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Diet and Fitness
Making Sense Out of Kaaos
Class in full swing at Kaaos Gym.
We have also had the privilege of hosting three George Washington MPH candidates as part of our inaugural intern team. Chase and Kishore engaged in delivering education on how to cook, save, and serve fresh, healthy food within every household budget, while Nikardi focused on outreach to SNAP Households.

Amy from UDC has led our partnership with Larry Carroll, owner of Kaaos Gym and OCP Community Advisory Board Member, developing a Dietetics and Fitness Assessment to help community members of all fitness levels better understand their bodies, and learn simple, effective ways to improve their diet and stay in shape.

For example, as the body matures it creates between 10-30 million fat cells. Kids who are overweight create twice as many fat cells as their average weight peers, making it even harder to "lose weight," which is actually shrinking fat cells through expending energy in exercise and the body's associated release of toxins.

Having a craving for sweets? Did you know that two handfuls of grapes have about the same amount of sugar as a Snickers bar plus healthy carbs, protein, vital amino acids and trace minerals, as well as Vitamins C and K, all without the calories and fat.

Basic information about our bodies, and helpful hints on eating well and exercising are all contained in the Dietetics and Fitness Assessment, coming soon!
Digging Deeper
How OCP is part of the larger conversation
Oasis Community Partners also seeks to represent the community at various groups within the District and across the country. OCP is a proud member of the Department of Health's Food Justice Action Team, a subcommittee of the Diabestity Committee, which brings together the best minds and most committed organizations in DC today. Members include OCP Directors Lillie Rosen from DC Greens, and Ronnie Webb from the Green Scheme.
OCP Director and Green Scheme Founder, Ronnie Webb leads a discussion at the Food Justice Action Team about engaging communities via social media.
OCP is also represented within the Office of Planning's Food Policy Council, working closely on issues of urban agriculture and workforce development, as we join in the collective effort to make fresh healthy food accessible and affordable to every District resident.

Most recently, Executive Director Philip Sambol was invited to present the work GFM and OCP have been doing at the annual meeting of the executive of the Creating Health Collaborative. The CHC is a multi-national, multi-sector organization getting to the heart of what matters to communities, and promoting solutions that improve community health while promoting equity and social justice.
(left) OCP's Executive Director, Philip Sambol, and Founder of the Creating Health Collaborative, Pritpal S. Tamber, at the 2016 annual meeting. (right) The Collaborative discusses incentives provided in the Affordable Care Act for community health.
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