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Floridians  for  Immigration  Enforcement
FLIMEN 2016 Endorsements  

For many reasons the upcoming election will set the direction of USA for a generation.  While 'most important election ever'  has often been said over the years,  the next set of elected officials will either accelerate our nation's decline or perhaps start to fix it.  The newly elected officials will either allow open borders to continue or will start to eliminate immigration anarchy.  

Citizens are encouraged to actively support the following candidates.


Donald Trump -

Floridians for Immigration Enforcement endorses Donald Trump for President.
Never in our country's history has there been such a stark contrast in candidates for President regarding immigration.  Hillary Clinton has embraced and promised to continue the policies of the Obama administration of open borders, sanctuary cities, amnesty, and a lax enforcement of current immigration laws.

Donald Trump has made border security and immigration enforcement a main cornerstone in his campaign.

Mr. Trump has pledged to make it a top priority of a Trump administration to build a border wall, restore the rule of law, and end Sanctuary City policy, which is a threat to the safety and security of all Americans.


Carlos Beruff -

Floridians for Immigration Enforcement endorses Carlos Befuff for US Senate for Florida.

Carlos Beruff, a Florida businessman, is competing against Marco Rubio in the primary.  Mr. Beruff has promised to enforce immigration law including a border wall.  Marco Rubio, our current Senator, has displayed betrayal of citizens by becoming a leader of the Gang of Eight massive AMNESTY.  Further, Mr. Rubio has a terrible attendance record, probably because he has stated he doesn't even like the job.   It's time for a Senator who will show up for work, who will keep his promises and who will vote for immigration enforcement.  That candidate would be Carlos Beruff and not Marco Rubio.


Joe Kaufman -

 Floridians for Immigration Enforcement endorses Joe Kauffman for Florida's Congressional District 23 in the House of Representatives.  
Joe Kaufman, unlike his opponent Representative Debbie Wassermann Schultz, will work to secure our borders, enforce our nation's immigration laws, and end America's illegal alien job magnet. 


Maria Peiro -

Floridians for Immigration Enforcement endorses Dr. Maria Peiro for Florida's 27th Congressional District in the House of Representatives. 

Dr.  Peiro offers a clear alternative to the failed policies of Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.  Policies that have contributed to the social and economic decline of Miami in the 27 years Ros-Lehtinen has held this office.  

Dr. Peiro, a legal immigrant, understands stopping "Illegal Immigration" is a key component in restoring the American Dream for legal workers, and key to the safety and security of all Americans. 

With Headlines like "Miami is the Worst City to Live in America" it time for a change.  Elect Dr. Maria Peiro. 


Rick Sessa -
Floridians for Immigration Enforcement endorses Rick Sessa for Palm Beach County Sheriff.
It's time for a new 'Rick' in the Palm Beach County Sheriff's office.  The current Sheriff, Ric Bradshaw, has been in office three terms and has turned Palm Beach County into a Sanctuary County, a county that refuses to comply with federal immigration laws.  Rick Sessa promises to reverse Sheriff Bradshaw's Palm Beach County Sanctuary Decree on his first day in office.



Please actively support the FLIMEN-endorsed candidates. 

July 9, 2016

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