Call for information
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Land Matrix (LM) is a global and independent land monitoring initiative that promotes transparency and accountability in decisions over land and investment. FUNDAPAZ (Foundation for Development in Justice and Peace), a member of the International Land Coalition (ILC), is the Latin America Focal Point (LAFP). INENCO (The Research Institute on Renewable Energy) coordinates data collection, report writing and dissemination. To maximize its regional coverage in this new phase of the LM initiative, the LAFP established a network of collaborators with organizations from Nicaragua, Brazil, Paraguay, Colombia and Argentina. Review the database for South America, Central America and the Caribbean and contribute to its improvement and enrichment!

To whom is this call addressed?

Organizations working on or related to territorial issues, academic institutions, researchers, grassroots organizations, governmental agencies, and individuals interested in sharing information about large-scale land acquisitions in Latin America.

What information are we looking for?

Information required to contribute to the LM database is the following: (1) Data about large-scale land acquisitions such as outright purchases, concessions, leases, or other land use contracts and agreements; (2) Transactions must have been initiated after the year 2000, cover an area of 200 hectares or more, and involve some sort of land use change; (3) Minimum amount of information needed to add a deal to the LM database: basic geographic information (location of the deal), investor name, investment area, and data source.

Why is it important to contribute?

The strength of the LM lies on the reliability of its data. Therefore, the quantity and quality of the information contained therein should be adequate to represent the dimension of large-scale land acquisitions in the region. Only in that way will this free-access database promote transparency and accountability in decisions over land investments.

How can you contribute?

There are several forms to contribute to the LM database: (1) Sending an email to the LAFP ( (2) Completing a form with information on land deals here; (3) Sharing information or links about land deals via Twitter (@Land_Matrix); (4) Writing to if you have questions or information on land deals.
Contributions do not need to contain official information on land deals (such as cadastral information); they can be based on printed reports, media reports, research papers, or any other kind of retrievable document that can lead to a land deal. The information collected will be always thoroughly checked by technical members of the LAFP before it is finally incorporated to the LM database. The name of the organization that collected the information can be mentioned in the database, if requested. Data uploaded will be disseminated via our regular newsletters.