Exciting RV Ministry Updates
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HFLC RV Ministry through the eyes of Terri Shubin, member of the Administrative Commission:


    I am writing to tell you a little bit about my good friend Tamara John. I don’t think I know anyone more selfless. God called her to be the preacher in an RV Park; to move in and live amongst those that are marginalized in this world. She didn’t hesitate. more 

Happenings at the
RV Ministry
A men's group from partnering church CPC helped out by doing some needed maintenance. Praise God for their ministry!
Healing with Art for the RV park residents. Thank you to Susie Hess, Laguna Niguel Presbyterian Church.

We’ve had our share of fun and fellowship, too!

Spreading God’s love with a bag of homemade cookies and a special Valentine’s Day visit!

Friday Fun Night with glow-in-the-dark badminton was a real hit (pun intended!) and the birdie only landed in the potato salad once!

A spontaneous feast of corned beef and cabbage, accompanied by Irish music, had us on our toes for St. Patrick’s Day!

God faithfully provides for the RV Ministry through our support team of individual supporters and church partners. We also covet your prayers and cover you with prayer as well. If you would like to contribute to our ministry, you may do so by debit or credit card through our  Website.  Right now, it is possible to donate by check and MULTIPLY THE IMPACT OF YOUR DONATION! Please follow the easy instructions to donate through the Challenge Fund on our Website or on the image shown below.
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A Note from the Associate Director:

I am so thrilled to be a part of this ministry! Forty years ago when I was a brand new Christian, one of the ways God led me to follow His call to California was with words found in Isaiah: “Go ye to the South and to the West and this shall be thy territory.” I have been active in Christian ministry during all of those years, but I truly believe this RV Park is the territory He was talking about. more

Lou had the opportunity to expand her training with a Neighborhood Experience Workshop hosted by 1001 New Worshiping Communities in Claremont.

Highlights this year for Tamara include sharing her message with others. People loved her messages and becoming familiar with the RV Ministry.
Placentia and Yorba Linda Presbyterian Churches Women's retreat at Tahquitz Pines
Preaching Easter Sunday at Emmanuel Presbyterian Church in Long Beach
Speaking at Messiah Lutheran Women's Luncheon
Officiated the Lord's Supper at St. Peter's Presbyterian Church Women's Retreat
Guest Panelist at Fuller Seminary Church Planting Seminar

HFLC  RV Ministry supporter Anna Marie Lillian Carl is relocating and starting a new chapter in her life. Anna Marie blessed our ministry in a special way when she personally and patiently saw to it that each and every person at a mission event signed up to receive our emails!
Thank you for coming alongside this vital ministry! Your continued partnership blesses us, as well as those we reach out to in Jesus’ name on your behalf. Please contact us, we love to hear from you!

If you would like to help us with items and services the ministry needs, please click here. We greatly appreciate your support. For all the ways you can help the ministry please click here.
Jobie remains our most outgoing and engaging missionary!
He demonstrates God’s unconditional love every day with his big, wet kisses and wagging tail!