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Want to hear some really good news? Read this...  

We represent YOU in Africa and we have EXCITING UPDATES to share.

We have continued to work with thousands of patients in outreach clinics and hospitals throughout the region. We treat AIDS and diabetes, deafness and cancer, malaria and syphilis. Our patients include orphans, widows and coffee workers. We even treat horses and chrysanthemums!

Best of all we are building a whole new generation of African homeopaths, trained in Africa and working for Africa.

If you are a homeopath, or a lover of homeopathy, we hope you will support us in our mission and share this newsletter with like-minded people. Together we can show the phenomenal power of homeopathy!

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>  Two of the Tanzanian students we sponsored have graduated and are now working full time. Just listen to what our young African Homoeopaths have to say here. It will make you proud.
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P.S. What we have not done: Seen or treated Ebola or bought in to the pharma-media Ebola feeding frenzy bonanza. If and when we see it, we will treat it. Don't give them energy by buying their stories.
Our brave and amazing teachers - Jane, Lulu, Michelle, Rebecca, Sandy, Valerio and Camilla - have run HHA courses, in Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, Swaziland and Congo. The result? Hundred of new homeopaths and thousands of happy patients. Homeopathy is fast becoming a household word in East Africa!
Our free course 'Introduction to Homeopathy', written specifically for Africa, is being used in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Swaziland, Zambia, Congo, Senegal, Ghana, Mozambique, Cuba and The Philippines.
When Simon heard about homeopathy he didn't wait long.
The day after he approached us he was on the bus to Kenya, where he completed three years of study.  He has just returned and is part of the HHA team. Listen to what Simon has to say here.
We have short video cases of 12 AIDS patients and more coming. Mary, an early patient, was too ill to work until she took Nat mur.
Linda was in treatment failure (with a CD4 count of only 3). Her situation seemed hopeless, but then she was given Zincum metallicum. Watch the miracle unfold here.
Our permanent clinic is up and running and providing a wonderful service to the community. The two Tanzanian students we sponsored are now working with HHA. Anitha and Elisia have recently begun their full time training.
Five years ago Irene began working for us as a translator.
She soon fell in love with homeopathy, so we sponsored her education at the 4Kenya school. She has now been practicing with us for a year and is getting excellent results. Listen to Irene's story here.
We've collected data from clinics and hospitals and won two prizes from the “Making Cases Count” competition.
We introduced Bellis perennis to a surgical ward and improved recovery times.
We were even scolded by the chief surgical nurse for not leaving enough remedies... Man that felt good!
We have hosted volunteers and students from the USA, England, Ireland, Finland, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Thanks everyone...
We hope to welcome many more of you in the future!
Roger Rasta, has been our faithful translator for the past six years.
He has completed our African 'Introduction to Homeopathy' course and is now doing a computer course.
Listen to Roger share his personal experience of working with HHA here.

Homeopathy for Health in Africa would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us in the past and warmly welcome all who would like to support us in the future.

We have done a lot in the past six years and, with your help, there is so much more we can do.

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