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Hot-Picks fiction February 2022

A new title from Nelson author Christine Leunens, whose book Caging Skies became the movie JoJo Rabbit. 

Set in the turbulent 1980s, against the backdrop of the Springbok Tour, the Rainbow Warrior bombing and nuclear free New Zealand, Amber's Wake is a complex romance between film maker Ethan, activist Amber and her chosen partner Stuart. 

Come along to Elma Turner Library on Saturday March 12th from 2pm to hear Christine launch her book. Bookings essential.

German intelligence office Adrian de Groot is tasked with bringing IRA operative Frank Pike into the Third Reich while in a parallel storyline Pike is a British agent bent on assassination. Part historical thriller, part darkly humorous romance, Mann's debut novel is thought provoking and charming in turns.
As a baby, Lily is discovered in a London park. As was the custom of the orphanage, she is sent to farm in the Suffolk countryside to be raised, if not in a loving manner, then at least with food and fresh air, until being returned to a foundling home at age six. Moving between a hard scrabble childhood and later life where Lily is convinced that a crime she has committed will catch up with her, Tremain imagines the horrors of Gothic Victorian London so fully, it feels jarring to return to the real world.
An emotionally charged story of a Mother's quest to help her teenage son after he is convicted of the brutal killing of his girlfriend. Mitchard examines the concepts of white privilege and a flawed justice system while exploring the lengths a parent will go to to protect their child. Mitchard's domestic fiction is character driven and gripping and this is no exception.
Mourning the death of his Father, Detective Sergeant George Manolis returns to his hometown of Cobb and soon discovers things are not the same as they used to be. Drug and alcohol abuse is rife and tensions between whites, the indigenous community and refugees at a detention centre simmer close to the surface. Peter Papathanasiou is a new name in the burgeoning Outback Noir subgenre and promises to be a favourite for fans of Jane Harper and Chris Hammer.
In a post apocalyptical world where things have turned out ok(ish), Izabel is raising her young daughter Cami in an air tight dome that protect citizens from the rampant pollen infecting the rest of the world. But a serial killer strikes their safe haven, exposing victims to the pollen and threatening their delicately balanced lives Inspired by Japanese folk stories, this is an eerie take on the cli-fic narrative.
Two New York city stories, one in 1966, the other in 1919 chart the lives of two young women connected to the Frick art collection, a missing diamond and family secrets. 'The colliding narratives and comprehensive descriptions of the historic mansion make for Davis’s best work to date.' Publishers Weekly
Sylvia Beach opened and ran Shakespeare and Company, the iconic Paris bookshop from 1919 to 1941. During this time she nurtured authors such as Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Gertrude Stein and infamously published her friend James Joyce's Ulysses when it was banned. She closed her shop in 1941 after threats from the Nazis and spent time in an internment camp. The Paris Bookseller is her absorbing (fictionalised) story. 
Gothic horror, magical fantasy and Afrofuturism collide in this story of 15 year old Vern, a girl with albinism who escapes from a cult to give birth to her twins and raise them, feral, in the woods. Solomon draws inspiration from Octavia Butler and folklore stories like Robin Hood where the down trodden better their masters but the author ultimately overrides all rules with their own unique style.
James Rollins, a seasoned writer of rock 'em sock 'em thrillers, tries his hand at a epic speculative fantasy novel, combining a dark ages-esque setting with a cast of misfit runaways and giant, man eating bats. At 600 pages, this might be the perfect isolation book for the devoted fantasy reader.
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