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Hot-Picks fiction March 2022

Glasgow, 1975, seven years after we first met DI Duncan McCormack in The Quaker. It is a city wrecked by 'improvements' and ruled by gangs.
Newly returned from London, McCormack draws the short straw, tasked with investigating a brutal murder. But the case turns out to be connected to a much bigger target, one that McCormack has been tracking for years.
McIlvanney's writing is atmospheric and brutal, putting the reader right into the action. Read our review here.
A leisurely paced whodunnit set in a university library featuring stolen manuscripts, missing librarians and an interesting cast of characters. A mystery of the gentler kind with a strong spine that touches on aspects of mental health, homophobia and women in the work place. 
Hardboiled gumshoe Philip Marlowe is the creation of legendary crime noir author Raymond Chandler who died in 1959. Joe Ide is the latest of several authors to take on Marlowe, moving him from the 1930s to present day Los Angeles, a city just as gritty and dark as it was in Chandler's day. Fans of Chandler and those who love modern crime will be equally happy.
A quirky and fun story of two opposing competitors in the National SpeechMakers Public Speaking Championship; Keith who is competing to regain the respect of his long suffering wife Linda, and Frances, who desperately needs the prize money. A very Australian novel, reminiscent of Muriel's Wedding and Strictly Ballroom in its vibe.
On Jan. 27, 2017, Donald Trump issued an executive order banning immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries. Against that background, author Zgheib has created a tense, moving novel about the meaning of home, the risks of exile, the power of nations, and the power of love.
- Kirkus
Few 20th century figures have inspired as much mythologising as the Romanov duchesses, murdered in 1918 in the Russian Revolution. Bryn Turnbull continues the speculation, bringing Grand Duchess Olga, the eldest daughter of Nicholas and Alexandra into the spotlight. Her relationship with her siblings, parents, purported lovers and the dark priest, Rasputin serve to illuminate the reclusive Duchess in this glitzy yet tragic story.
Two women enter and elevator and 30 floors later only one leaves alive. The Cage is a gripping and heart pounding corporate espionage locked-room thriller that exposes the dirty dealings of mega law firms and the glass ceiling that very much still exists. Satisfying reading!
Phyllis, wife to civil servant Roger, mother to Collette and Hugh lives a dutiful, steady life, largely oblivious to the upheavals of the 1960s until a midsummer kiss with the 20-something son of friends throws her family into an equal storm. Free Love explores romantic love, sexual freedom and what it means to live a genuine life.
When a young girl, adopted from Ethiopia by white fundamentalist Christians is found dead, her parents are charged with murder. The mother's defense attorney and his son, who narrates the story, become entangled in the case. Guterson ponders topics ranging from persecution complex to the relationship between parents and children in this, his most heartfelt work.
The Outback is the coolest setting in fiction at the moment, and Michael Trant's new novel takes us into the thick of it. Gabe Ahern, a rough living dog trapper in drought stricken WA has his mettle tested when he accidentally uncovers a people smuggling ring. Full of local colour and flavour, Wild Dogs will satisfy lovers of thrillers and Outback noir.
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