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Letter from Yvonne
Anna's Friends is now available Kindle
Behavior Patterns of the Server
Educator of the Month

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Letter from the creator of Anna's Friends
Dear Anna's Friends!

This month I am focusing on the motivational gift of serving. This gift is very easy to recognize in children yet can be hampered if not allowed to function. For example: There was a little boy in in a classroom years ago that was a "textbook" server. Every time he heard a knock on the door, he jumped up and raced to open it; if an eraser fell from the white board tray, he would hop up from the floor to pick it up; if the teacher indicated she needed something, almost before she could ask, he would have his hand high in the air to help. All throughout the day, this child was jumping in to help the teacher (even his peers) without being asked, and often would be reprimanded for doing so. Eventually the light in his eyes diminished, even though he still wanted to help.

Allowing these children with the gift of service to help is so very important. It's what they were created to do, and like the other six motivational gifts, unless children are nurtured in their area of gifting, they will become frustrated and unfulfilled; in later years, they may become angry. So, whether at home or at school, create lists for these children, and be sure to instruct them before they jump in.

Thank you for growing with Anna's Friends!
You are a blessing,
Creator of Anna's Friends ®

PS. So many of you have asked for Anna's Friends to be available in e-book format. Well, I am excited to share that Anna's Friends is NOW AVAILABLE ON KINDLE. Please check them out at the links below.
Anna's Friends is Now Available on Kindle
Book #1 – The Assignment - In this book you will meet all 7 of Anna's Friends as they interact through various summer activities and discover their own motivational gifts; the assignment that their teacher, Mr.Henderson, gives them to complete before entering the third grade.

Book #2 – Anna’s Friends Save the Animal Shelter - Anna has the motivational gift of facilitation. Her project to save the local animal shelter was chosen by Mr.Henderson as the one that will engage each student in using their gifts to pull off a successful project.

Book #3 – The Hayride - Maria has the gift of giving. Her motivational gift of giving is activated in a most unusual way when her Sunday School teacher gives a lesson on Matthew 25:35-36, "I was hungry and you fed me...."

Book #4 – Hiro Plays Tiny Tim - Hiro has the motivational gift of exhortation. In this fun story about Hiro playing the character of Tiny Tim in the annual Christmas play, his trait of being the class clown is working overtime to make his friends laugh.

Book #5 – Sarah Learns a Lesson - Sarah has the gift of teaching. She learns a valuable lesson about making time to play with her friends and family. Reading books is a part of her gift, but having relationships is a part of life. She must learn to balance reading and relationships sometimes.

Book #6 – Jesse Can’t Say No - Jesse has the gift of service (also known as "helps" or "ministry") and uses it to help his family with all the many chores around their new farm, like taking care of the geese, and goats, Mimi and Dodi, who become goat parents of twins.

Book #7 – Cayden and Mrs. Jules - Cayden has the gift of mercy, and Mrs. Jules needs some Mercy! This heart warming story will show your children how they can play a part in bringing joy to others as Cayden helps Mrs. Jules heal her broken heart.

Book #8 – Daniel Moves Away - Daniel has the gift of prophecy. After he moves away for a few months, he forgets his promise to stay in touch with his next door neighbor, Anna. 
Behavior Patterns of the Server


Let’s see how children with the motivational gift of service can be misunderstood. Because of their desire to help give practical assistance they may appear to be pushy.

1. Does your child get a bit grouchy when they have taken on too much?

This is a sign that they need to back off from serving a bit. This little one would sometimes rather help mom and dad than do their homework. It’s not that they don’t want to do their homework, it’s that their gift prompts them to want to meet your need by helping you accomplish your tasks (such as washing the dishes, setting the table, sweeping the floors, etc.), even when you don't need help.

2. Servers find it difficult to say no and may volunteer too fast without considering their current work load.

Because they are quick to respond to a need, if you have a class of ten children and ask for volunteers for a specific task, Jesse may always raise his hand to volunteer leaving Daniel and Cayden feeling left out. And when someone knocks on the door, the child with the gift of service is the first to jump up and attempt to open the door. They are not being disrespectful to the teacher. It is their gift motivating (promting) them. Give these little ones tasks in the classroom or at home so they can develop their gift.

3. Sometimes, servers will not complete what they start and neglect their own needs or those in their own family. By trying to meet so many needs of others, this can be misinterpreted as wanting approval from others or not wanting to help at home. Not so. They are so eager to help, this can cause additional misunderstanding that they don’t want to listen. Because servers have the tendency to over-commit and not take time to learn how to perform some tasks, their work sometimes may be inferior. When assigning tasks to your server, be sure and give them instructions.
Educator of the Month

During summer months I find myself seeking parents that are spending time with their children rather than sitting them in front of a tablet, computer, or TV to occupy their time while school is out.

Now that school is back in full swing, so many educators came to my mind - especially since I work in a public school. I thought about this teacher, and that teacher, and oh, what about her, or what about him? So many wonderful educators came to mind that I simply could not select only one to honor.

While I know first-hand how dedicated these teachers are, I took time last week to really watch them at work. These fabulous people have dedicated their lives to teach children reading, writing, science, and arithmetic, art, music, and computer skills, and so much more! Additionally they are involved in teaching social skills such as respecting their friends, being quiet in class rooms and hallways, walking in straight lines, playing harmoniously with peers during recess, how to tie shoes, and other personal tasks for special needs children.

Day in and day out, I watch these individuals, sometimes under great pressure, lay down their lives for the many children in their care. Today's teachers go above and beyond what is expected and they are not recognized enough for what hey do. That is why, this month, I have decided to honor ALL teachers everywhere!
ou are the Anna's Friends EDUCATORS OF THE MONTH!!
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