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Behavior Patterns of the Giver
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 Letter from Yvonne, Creator of Anna's Friends®

Dear, Anna's Friends!

I'm writing this newsletter on a day that is a particular favorite for me, not only because it is Good Friday, but because on this day in 1987, I was blessed with a spiritual experience that affected my life from that day forward. Without going into great detail about the experience, let me simply say that it gave me a deep understanding of how intimately connected we are to every human being, so I celebrate this connectedness to our human family on Good Friday each year.

You might be asking what does this have to do with Anna's Friends? Everything!

Those who have been a friend to us have learned that the motivational gifts are given to express God's love to those who need to experience it. I've never seen a time when the true essence of unconditional love is more needed. People across the globe, including in America, are suffering in unimaginable ways. They often are hidden in plain site; right before our eyes and in our extended circle of friends and family. Since our lives are filled with activity and responsibilities we often miss those in need, and unfortunately, often turn a blind eye.

In reality, when we extend God's healing love to others we are extending it to ourselves because we are all one body. Those who are of faith understand this principle as stated in I Corinthians 12:12-27. Verse 26 says, "And if one member suffers, all the parts share the suffering; if one member is honored, all rejoice with it."

Since it is Easter weekend - my husband and I call it Resurrection Day - I want to dedicate this issue to those who are reaching beyond themselves to use their gifts for the benefit of those that might not have ever experienced love. That's what Anna's Friends do! We exhort and encourage, we facilitate projects, we give to those in need, we empathize with those who are hurting, we encourage truth, we serve, and we teach: the seven motivational gifts that extend God's love to others. We resurrect them in a very real way.

Happy Resurrection Day!

Thank you for growing with Anna's Friends!
You are a blessing,
Creator of Anna's Friends ®
Behavior Patterns of the Giver
There is nothing more fun than watching a child with the gift of giving in action. As a giver, your child probably feels that the best way he or she can give of himself is to give his material possessions away. Additionally, these children are those we would classify as a “lifetime best friend” because of their supportive nature; supportive in money and material possessions and of themselves. You can see the Christ-like character in those who are motivated to give.

I recall one of my friend’s children who was always counting money. Every time we were with them during his early years he had monopoly money spread out on the table. Family members labeled him as greedy and with a love for money. But this was his gift of giving trying to come out. As an adult, he has become one of the most giving and supportive people I know. But first, he had to learn to be wise in his giving.

1. The gift of giving can be a dangerous gift if not developed. The scriptures tell us that, “...the love of money is a source of all kinds of evil. Some have been so eager to have it that they have wandered away from the faith and have broken their hearts with many sorrows” 1Titus 6:10 (GNB) and, “Keep your lives free from the love of money, and be satisfied with what you have,” Hebrews 13:5 (GNB). Therefore, it is important to teach children with this gift the purpose of money.

Have your children clean out their closets once a year and find someone or some organization to give the clothes to. Then take them to visit a homeless shelter and expose them to your city’s needs. Remember those with the gift of giving want to meet practical needs of others and are always looking for ways to do that.

Another way to prevent loving money and/or goods is to give them a project to do. Then pay them so they will understand that the money they earn is not all for their personal use, that God has blessed them, so they can genuinely help others. Guide them with some ideas that allow them to donate a portion of their earnings. They need to especially learn that they give without expectation of getting something in return. Giving is for the benefit of the one we give to; he that giveth, let him do it with simplicity and with a generous heart.

2. The need to deal with large sums of money may appear to be a focus on wrong values and sometimes appear to be materialistic. This little one is always telling others what they should do with their money. The desire to increase the effectiveness of ministry by their gift may appear as an attempt to control the work of a person or organization they give to.  

Teach your giver that it is not the size of the gift that is given, but the intent of the heart that is important to God. Give these little ones an allowance and teach them to tithe. Watch how they initially handle the money before instructing them. And, help them understand that their giving does not give them the right to dictate how their gift is used.

3. They tend to measure spiritual success by material assets. 

Teach your child with this gift to be careful not to measure others’ spirituality by what they give. Realize that though God has called everyone to give, He has not called everyone to give as the one with the motivation to give does. 
Educator of the Month
There's nothing more heart warming than to see a dad who loves being a dad! 

Jerome Elam is one of those dads! When I first met Jerome's family it was easy to see that he was a good father. His dedication to his children (and children everywhere) is exemplary. When you are around this dad with his children, it is easy to see that his children trust him, respect him, and love him. They are carefree and happy, just as children should be.

I asked Jerome once, "Do you like being a dad?" His response was immediate, and brought tears to my eyes and a warmth to me heart that is always present when I am with his family. Jerome's eyes lit up at the question and more so when he answered, "There's nothing I'd rather do than be a father."  Given his background, I didn't expect this enthusiasm. So many children who grow up in tragic circumstances do not want to be parents.

As a survivor - he's more of an over-comer - of child sex-trafficking, Jerome has taken the tragic abuse he endured as a child and turned it into a blessing. He travels the world educating about the modern epidemic of human trafficking, all the while, being a dad to his beautiful children, educating them about the goodness of life. Visit to learn more.

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as Early as Pre-school
David was 10-years old and in my Sunday school class. He was disruptive and prevented the other students from listening. Nothing I tried worked. I finally reached my wits end and sent him to sit with his parents. He was furious when he stomped out of the classroom.

After Sunday school was over, David stomped right back into my classroom, interrupted a conversation I was having with another student, crossed his arms and shouted, “I’m never coming to your class again.” Read the entire post here.
I am excited to be returning to the 2019 FPEA Annual Convention.
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