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Behavior Patterns of Mercy
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 Letter from Yvonne, Creator of Anna's Friends®
June 11,2019

Dear, Anna's Friends!

I want to welcome those new to Anna's Friends! Meeting you at the FPEA Convention was a joy! Hopefully you have rested up a bit from the event and are swinging into summer fun and activities. I am looking forward to hearing how the Anna's Friends program has impacted you and your children.

For those of you who had previously purchased the Anna's Friends program, THANK YOU for stopping by our booth to say hello and share your stories with me! Your encouragement lifted me beyond measure as you shared how the books and Parent's Guide have helped your children, and how much you also enjoy reading the books.

Here's what one parent told me: "We love the Anna's Friends books. My kids don't want me to stop reading, even when I have to go fix dinner." She has recognized 5 of her 6 children's gifts and is working on the sixth.

Another parent said, "These books are unbelievable. I love reading them as much as my children do."

Addison purchased the first 4 books in 2016 (before I had completed the entire series). She came by our booth to say hello and that she was going to send her younger sister by to get a set; that she would probably like the books.

Parents and Educators are now asking, "What's the next book for Anna's Friends."

You all keep me focused and on the path! Thank you for bearing with me through the thick and thin of the Conference (lost my voice an hour before it began) and for taking time to stop by and say hello. You are a blessing!!

I'm carrying over the specials from the Conference until July 31. You'll see them below.

Thank you for growing with Anna's Friends!
Yvonne Williams
Creator of Anna's Friends 
Parent's Reviews
Janice DiCarlantonio shared her experience with Anna's Friends

Anna's Friends is an amazing series of books.  At first glance it seemed interesting and then Yvonne Williams description really whet my appetite. The real delight came when I began to read the first book...My twin 8-year olds were mesmerized...They LOVED IT! They could not get enough...they totally related to the characters and were doing a lot of thought processing to see how they were similar or dissimilar to the characters. I was also amazed at how much these books drew ME in. They really got me thinking and wanting more. Our reading time increased because we all wanted more. We have since read the entire series of books and have enjoyed them so much...we are bugging the author for the next one...Please Yvonne. I have recommended these books to tons of families with confidence that they will enjoy and grow. Thank you Yvonne for a lovely, REAL series for an often overlooked age and topic.
Behavior Patterns of Mercy
Because it is difficult for a mercy person to speak firmly and give correction they may appear to be weak and indecisive. This is not the case. Their gift helps them discern wounds and potential causes, therefore they avoid language that may further harm.
They may appear to be guided by emotions rather than logic. This trait can be exhibited even before they gain the understanding of their gift.
The attraction to and understanding of those in distress may be misinterpreted by those of the opposite sex. This is a constant battle for the child—and the adult—with the gift of mercy. They need great insight into how to minister to the opposite sex.
They may appear to take up another’s offense because of their ability to interact with those who society may not be able to. A strong mercy gift (as an adult) has no problem supporting those who have been responsible for tragic forms of abuse and even criminal acts. Remember, Jesus came that all might have life, be forgiven, and ultimately restored to wholeness. The one with the gift of mercy understands this great love and its transformational power and ability.
Educator of the Month
Forming relationships with Anna's Friends is a great joy for me. Janice DiCarlantonio is one of those relationships. I met her at the 2017 FPEA Convention in Orlando. She stopped by our booth last month to say hello and share how Anna's Friends had been a blessing to her family. I learned some wonderful things about this awesome mom that I would love to share with you! In her words, Janice tells me...
I have two children...twin girls, They are nine years old now.  

We have been a homeschooling family since the beginning...I think that makes it about 4-ish years.  Before we were married, my husband came to me with the idea of homeschooling...I was appalled and thought NO WAY!  I mean REALLY WHO HOMESCHOOLS?  I went to public schools and I turned out fine...I have a Bachelor degree in Engineering.  We laugh about those moments now.  That was then...naive to the ways of today's school.  Despite that difference we got married and over the years a transformation occurred...I have changed, way more for the better and the changes keep happening.  I am growing right along with my girls.  

As I begin all good adventures I began my normal overabundance of research.  What I learned was staggering AND some friends (really acquaintances) crept into my life hailing the benefits of homeschooling and they were doing it.  After a woman with six children and more to come told me how she was homeschooling and that I was perfect for the job I began to break. (Imagine and remember how a compliment can change someone's life and in this case the life of an entire family.)  My husband had faith in me that I could educate our children and this woman thought 'I' was PERFECT for the job.  What I did not know is that God was seeking me out...he had left the 99 and he found me, but that's not where.  He had to REALLY pursue me because I am stubborn.  

He claimed my heart when my twin girls; my childhood dream; were conceived after many years of losses of many kinds, but even that is not where he really found me or better put, that's not where I really found Jesus.  I was raised a Catholic, but I never really KNEW Jesus until I homeschooled.  Homeschooling is not about the education you give your children....that is just the medium that God uses to bring families together in ways that are simply not possible in any other way.  I found that I truly had a relationship with Jesus when I found myself at homeschool convention after homeschool convention (I was attending before I was homeschooling) face to face with other Mom's who were willing to pour out in me and they believed in me.  They did this because they believed in Jesus not because I am some super awesome person, but because I am a child of God.  

That genuine heart is what seeped into my own heart and because of that I have more peace in my homeschool than I ever have before.  Is it perfect?  Am I doing anything different?  Is it a new fangled curriculum?  Is it a new homeschool room?  No, it's just knowing that if I listen closely I will be guided by the Holy Spirit to say the right things to pick the best books or curriculum, to organize the school room, to know that I just need to relax and enjoy the time I have been given to home school.  I am a lucky Momma...I GET TO HOME SCHOOL!!!
Congratulations Janice!
We are proud to honor you as
Educator of the Month
FPEA Specials through July 31
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