Integral Cinema Project Newsletter No. 22 (2020)
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New offerings to help us navigate the    media war on our consciousness

Beginning this month a major shift is happening in the collective field as we are entering what many are saying will be a major inflection point phase of the Great Transition we are in. This particular inflection point is oriented around the US election and the potential for it to destabilize the US and the world even more. An inflection point is a major liminal field transition point. Think of those major moments of transformation for the caterpillar as it evolves toward becoming a butterfly. That moment when its body starts to dissolve is an inflection point, as is that moment when its body is completely dissolved, and another inflection point occurs when its new body structure starts to emerge. 

Each inflection point can be traumatic to various degrees. In our situation we are potentially looking at a major flood of disinformation and polarization on social media. As the major propaganda networks go to war in the approach up to the election the potential exists for a constitutional crisis, or even a major accelerated collapse of American democracy. Some other countries are going through parallel inflection points in their collective fields as well, and whatever happens in the U.S. or these other countries during this time can have a major impact on our entire global collective field. There is a war to control our consciousness and oftentimes we do not even realize we are being manipulated.

We at the Integral Cinema Project are committing to helping as many of us as possible to navigate through these challenges and help us make sense deeply what is happening and give us the tools to help us seize back the narrative of our individual and collective lives. Below is a list of our offerings. They are designed to be valuable on their own or as a whole and are oriented toward anyone, media makers and media consumers alike.

Using Media to Accelerate Individual & Collective Evolution

Wednesday, September 16th from 5-6:30 pm PST

Public presentation at Up Convergence of our groundbreaking research of using media to help us upgrade our perceptual operation system and accelerate our own consciousness and become a media shaman to help others do the same.

Direct link to the event:


To be released at the beginning of October...

Introducing The Media Shaman Toolkit for (R)Evolutionaries at Conscious Good Creator's Network

A 3-part video course to improve your ability to make sense of the world, learn how to use the transformative potential of media, and help. yourself and others evolve into the grounded consciousness we need right now. 

In the run-up to the U.S. presidential election we are being bombarded and manipulated by a sophisticated media war on all fronts. This first segment is designed to help us become conscious of our own constructs and belief systems and to begin to identify the biases and intentions behind various information sources. Most importantly, we will learn how to begin to discern what’s really going on.

Part Two of this course will introduce you to a comprehensive toolbox for understanding and creating media that can evolve consciousness

Aspiring and accomplished media-makers and change makers need advanced tools to extend and deepen their efforts to create profound transformation in themselves, others and the world. This second segment will illuminate a comprehensive toolkit for designing media to catalyze healing, personal growth and the evolution of consciousness on an individual and collective level.

Part Three of this course is for anyone with a smartphone to help seize back the narrative and capture events while transcending tribal polarities

These days anyone with a smartphone can be thrust into the role of citizen journalist recording important historical events. Learn to use the 10 Keys from Part Two to become a channel to help others bear witness to what’s happening around us while avoiding the pitfalls of our own biases, projections and reality bubbles.

STOP stoking the fire
STOP preaching to the choir
START reaching those outside your own echo chamber

Create content that transcends ideology, fear and belief in order to be heard and awaken. We call on everyone to become a Media Shaman!

We continue to offer free monthly discussions of significant transformational works with the:

Conscious Media-of-the-Month (CMoM)
Free Virtual Discussion 

Monthly Series at Conscious Good Creator's Network 

September CMoM: 
The War on Sensemaking (Rebel Wisdom YouTube podcast series) - Free Virtual Discussion focused on the first video in the series, featuring Daniel Schmachtenberger
Sunday, September 20th at noon PST
CMoM Link

October CMoM:
To be announced - Free virtual discussion

Sunday, October 18th at noon

ANNOUNCEMENT: The next cohort of our popular and life-changing course starts in November!

Transformative Media Creation and Reception

Designing and Creating Transformative Media Experiences for Self, Other and World

15 Week Master Course: November 17th, 2020 - March 2nd, 2021

For more information & to register please see our course page at Campus Co-Evolve


Medicine for Mark

Friend and colleague Mark Allan Kaplan, Ph.D., founder of the Integral Cinema Project, is living with what his doctors believe to be long-haul Covid, with both covid respiratory symptoms and a continual relapse cycle resembling chronic fatigue syndrome. Basically, he is now about 6 months into being extremely debilitated, barely able to function for more than a few hours at a time.

Mark has been working diligently despite his health issues, teaching a successful class in Transformative Media  and continuing his groundbreaking media research, all while gifting to the world his beautiful and original art . He now needs a full day of rest between classes or other events, and even minor physical exertion like doing laundry is impossible as it triggers a relapse and the need for a lengthy rest.

One of his longtime doctors (10+ years) has developed a protocol to help boost immunity and keep him stable as the medical and scientific establishment tries to develop cures for Covid. The herbal medications Mark has been using have helped to dramatically limit the intensity of his relapses but they cost about $750/month. 

Mark is currently on SSI disability and has extremely limited resources. We are trying to raise enough to cover one year of this medication, although we are hoping some other treatment comes along before then. 

All donations will be deposited into Mark's CalABLE disability savings account and will be used exclusively for his medical expenses.

Thank you.


 Medicine for Mark GoFundMe

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