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Blueprint in Action

Our 2016 conference looked at the practical applications of the Blueprint thinking. Speakers from business and wider society discussed how they have been using Blueprint's tools. A panel of academics challenged the status quo that people operate as purely self-interested individuals when in business.

Charles Wookey closed the conference stating that his ten year aim for Blueprint is to shift the default away from the view that companies exist purely to make profit. A view that is better for business and society is that they exist to serve society.

A short highlights video, a summary pamphlet, and full videos of the sessions can be viewed on our website, here

Shaunaka Rishi Das
‘Maximisation of profits is necessarily short-term because it is an extreme…In our push for maximisation of profits, people become secondary, and that’s not sustainable.’
Paul Moore
‘Blueprint gave us the picture on the outside of the jigsaw box and all of sudden it made much more sense.’
Matt Peacock
‘We can align core commercial objectives that are very important for us as a business with material positive social impact at scale.’
Sacha Romanovitch
CEO, Grant Thornton UK
‘profit and purpose actually go hand in hand together, like a yin and a yang.’
Gillian Tett
'the cult of efficiency can dehumanise people, create silos and lead companies to do some really stupid things.’
Sir Mike Rake
Chair, Blueprint Advisory Council 
‘If you have a real purpose...that company will deliver sustainable profits, that company will recruit and retain the better people. But it has to be genuine'

Immersion Workshops
We run two day residential immersion workshops for individuals from organisations that have either decided to use Blueprint's tools, or are seriously considering doing so. The objective of these workshops is to give participants a deep understanding of Blueprint and insights into how to uncover the purpose of their own organisations. The dates of our next workshops are below, if you would like to inquire about attending then please email

6 July – 8 July (Cambridge)

7 September – 9 September (Oxford)

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