Celebrating the 400th Commemoration

Today I was honored and proud to be with our President at the joint session in Jamestown as we celebrated the 400th anniversary of the longest continuously-running legislative body in the Western Hemisphere, the Virginia General Assembly. 
Four hundred years ago on this very day, the idea of American representative democracy took root in Jamestown. Eventually, the experiment that began in Virginia on July 30, 1619 would become the model for representative government and the foundation for the United States and the 50 state legislatures. 
At today's commemoration, President Trump became the first US President to address the Assembly in our 400 year history. This was truly a historic occasion that paid tribute to our democracy, acknowledged the progress we have made and the challenges we have overcome, and gave hope for how we can continue to improve in the future. 

Unfortunately, some had another agenda. The childish and disrespectful behavior of some Democratic members of the House who openly protested and interrupted the President's remarks does not reflect "The Virginia Way" that we are here to celebrate. Such stunts were selfish attempts by current state legislators in an official joint assembly to distract and detract from the historic occasion of today’s ceremonies for their own political purposes. 

As President Trump said today, "Nothing can stand in America's way as long as we appeal to our higher instincts". I’m humbled and honored for the privilege of representing Southwest Virginia in this historic institution and am committed to doing my part to make sure nothing stands in our way as we embark on the next 400 years.
Todd Pillion is the Republican nominee for State Senate in the 40th District. He currently represents the 4th District in the Virginia House of Delegates. 
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