Flatwoods Job Corps to remain open

On Wednesday we received exciting news that the Flatwoods Job Corps Center in Coeburn will remain open after the federal government reversed its decision to close the facility. The reversal is the result of a strong collaboration of local, state, and federal officials working together to save the program. 

Flatwoods has a $6 million economic impact on the local community. Keeping it open means the program will retain jobs, sustain revenue, and provide important training and services to young adults and the surrounding communities. 

On June 7th, I had the opportunity to meet with Tom Deuschle, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Employment and Training Administration and the head of the Department’s Job Corps Program, to discuss the impact of Flatwoods from a local and state perspective. While a federal program, the community and all levels of government had a shared interest in keeping this program open. We had a productive dialogue about our concerns and the potential to work together to address needs moving forward. 

This was a great team effort by the entire community. 

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"Opposition from lawmakers and stakeholders across the country has led the U.S. departments of labor and agriculture to reverse a decision about the future of the Job Corps program—saving the Flatwoods center in Southwest Virginia."

"Flatwoods Job Corps to remain open after reversal from federal government"

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