Your Voice, Your Vote, Your Rights

On Tuesday, June 18th, the Northam administration is bringing its gun control agenda to Southwest Virginia. According to his release, this is part of a series of roundtable discussions focused on the “gun violence emergency” and “gun safety legislation” in the lead up to the July 9th special session called by Governor Northam.

As a lifelong supporter of the Second Amendment I have defended my constituents' Second Amendment rights my entire time in the General Assembly. I’ll continue to do so by opposing the Governor's gun control agenda for the second time this year. Addressing this violence in our society starts by reforming our mental health system and holding criminals accountable for their actions, not undermining the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens. However, based on the Governor’s actions so far, his priorities are abundantly clear.

Our voice and our vote are two of the most powerful tools we have. Come out and make sure your voice is heard tomorrow, then send another message with your vote this November. 

Below are the specifics for the Southwest Virginia roundtable as released from the Governor's office:
Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security Brian Moran to Host Gun Violence Prevention Roundtable in Abingdon
3:30 PM
Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center, Room 233
One Partnership Circle
Abingdon, Virginia 24210
Todd Pillion is the Republican nominee for State Senate in the 40th District. 

Pillion currently represents the 4th District in the Virginia House of Delegates. 
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