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Dear <<First Name>>,

It is a pleasure to share the Marketing area's news with you in my first letter as area chair. I thank my colleague, Dr. Sertan Kabadayi, for all his efforts and leadership over the last seven years as our former area chair, and look forward to working with my colleagues and others inside and outside Fordham in the coming years.

COVID-19 brought unprecedented challenges to academia. However, faculty, administrators, and students around the world have demonstrated their resilience in overcoming the most challenging situations by continuing to accomplish their academic goals. The Fordham community has been working continuously since the pandemic broke out to ensure the delivery of quality education to our students. The faculty have developed new materials and innovative teaching approaches that suit the new teaching modalities. The Information Technology team has continuously found solutions for the numerous technical challenges of teaching to facilitate smooth learning experiences for the students. The University and the Gabelli School administrators have successfully strategized, planned, and executed engaging student experiences.

As a result of the collective efforts at Fordham, our faculty are offering courses in various modalities. Some courses are offered both online and in-person simultaneously (Flex-Hybrid), while others are only offered online, using remote web-based teaching tools such as Zoom and supplemented with asynchronous course content. In response to travel restrictions, we are now offering our classes to students who are located in different geographical locations around the world.

In this newsletter, we share the latest news regarding our faculty's research, teaching, special events, guest speakers, and student competitions. Following the trend in previous years, the Marketing area at the Gabelli School of Business was ranked #20 in the latest U.S. News and World Report rankings.

I welcome your thoughts regarding collaboration or joint projects with our area. Please feel free to contact me at or to reach out to any of our colleagues in the Marketing area. No one knows exactly how higher education will evolve after the pandemic. However, our collective experiences at Fordham and in the Marketing area have proven our resilience and commitment to our students and embracing future opportunities for growth, development, partnerships, and collaborations that will emerge in the post-pandemic era.

Best Regards,
Mohammad Nejad, PhD
Area Chair, Marketing
Associate Professor of Marketing

Lerzan Aksoy and her co-authors explain how the pandemic has led the service sector to create new service adaptations and transformations, in an article in the Journal of Service Research. More 

Sertan Kabadayi co-authored a paper titled, "Rethinking Service Systems and Public Policy: A Transformative Refugee Service Experience Framework," which was accepted for publication in the Journal of Public Policy and Marketing. More 
In a forthcoming article, Genevieve O'Connor and her co-authors explore the importance of having a saver mindset regardless of income in a paper titled, "Is Savings Automation Helpful to Liquid Savings? It Depends on whether You Have a Savings Habit," forthcoming in the Journal of Public Policy and Marketing. More

A paper  on how different social distancing practices impact an organization's service continuity was published by Sertan Kabadayi and a co-author. This is now published in the Journal of Service ManagementMore

In a recent article, Lerzan Aksoy and her co-authors examine the use and impact of Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) systems and their influence on financial outcomes for firms in the Journal of Service Management. More 

Is there "Magic" in business? Perhaps there is when there is a need to perform well in competitive conditions or during crisis timesTimothy Malefyt explains this in an article titled "Magical Practice," forthcoming in the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Anthropology. More 

The Marketing Area at The Gabelli School of Business was ranked #20 in the latest U.S. News and World Report, which puts the area in the top 7% of the 300 national research universities in the United States.  Gabelli school programs  &  More

Gabelli School of Business is celebrating its 100 years in education. A lot has changed since 1920. Today, there is a pressing need to inspire and equip future leaders with the values and vision to help business move society forward. More

The last 100 years serve as a benchmark for the next 100 with bolder methods, bigger thinking, and boundless growth. The Gabelli School is celebrating with Centennial Virtual Speaker Series and Gabelli Forward Speaker Series which took place earlier this fall.
Marketing Professor Sertan Kabadayi 
moderated "Marketing to the Socially Distant Consumer." The session was a part of Gabelli Forward, the school's interactive learning series that featured topical discussions on various business-related topics from our world-class faculty and high-ranking industry experts. 
The Marketing area announces a new initiative, introduced by professors Hooman EstelamiTimothy Malefyt, Genevieve O'Connor, and Hoori Rafieian, offering a series of workshops related to managerial practices and research findings aimed at helping consumers improve their financial wellbeing. Through a series of talks and workshops, the scholars seek to share their insights and provide easy access to the academic literature on Consumer Financial Well-being. More

The Gabelli School of Business virtually hosted the third annual American Innovation Conference on November 16, 2020, honoring the top social innovators. The American Innovation Index, is the only survey in the U.S. that measures company social innovativeness based on customers’ experiences. This conference is organized and moderated by Lerzan Aksoy, professor of marketing and associate dean of undergraduate studies and strategic initiatives. More  
The Marketing area has organized the Gabelli - Cardinal Hayes HS Marketing Competition. This competition focuses on helping Cardinal Hayes High school develop impactful banners that will hang atop the school building. The banners are expected to be observed by about 1.3 million Metro-North commuters who pass by every quarter. Thirty-eight graduate and undergraduate marketing students are competing in nine teams. The teams are coached in several workshops to develop their ideas and learn practical skills. This competition is led by Linda Luca, adjunct professor, and coached by members of our marketing faculty, Timothy Malefyt, Peter Johnson, and Anthony Defrancesco, and managed by Aida Lahood, the marketing area manager. 
The Mindshare-Gabelli 24-hour Marketing Analytics Hackathon is a virtual competition that provides students the opportunity to pitch a data-driven media strategy. It will challenge students' creativity and problem-solving skills and prepare them better for a career in today's rapidly changing business environment. This competition is both an innovative and enriching learning experience and will be held this coming December. More 

The new online Master of Science in Strategic Marketing Communications program from Fordham University’s AACSB-accredited Gabelli School of Business is available for professionals who want to build on their existing knowledge of the media industry by applying new strategies, tools, and ideas. The Program explores integrated strategies related to market research analysis, consumer insights, and corporate communications. Timothy Malefyt
the program director, is proud to have the first group of 30 graduates completing their coursework this fall semester. More

In the Gabelli School’s Master of Science in Marketing Intelligence (MSMI) program, we focus marketing analytics and developing marketing insights - both quantitative and qualitative approaches (MSMI fact sheet). That’s because today’s employers want more than number crunchers—they want strategic thinkers. Peter Johnson is the academic program director of the MS in Marketing Intelligence program. More
Fordham's MS in Marketing Intelligence (MSMI) program provides students with:
• Career-development workshops and applied projects
• The ability to make data-driven marketing decisions using various quantitative methods  
• Detailed knowledge of qualitative methods for revealing customer insights 
• Comprehensive skills in marketing analytics.

 Program Director: Peter Johnson, DPS
Congratulations to Lerzan Aksoy for being invited to be on the Editorial Review Board of the Journal of Public Policy and Marketing.

Congratulations to professor Ahir Gopaldas, whose former PhD student Anton Siebert successfully defended his thesis at Newcastle University London on September 14, 2020. Now, Anton begins his first academic job at the University of Reading. Their co-authored article on "Customer Experience Journeys: Loyalty Loops Versus Involvement Spirals," is featured in the Journal of Marketing's Most Read Papers.

Congratulations to Lerzan Aksoy for being named as co-chair of the Doctoral Colloquium for QUIS Conference in Vietnam, 2021

Congratulations to Sertan Kabadayi who has begun his term as the co-chair of SERVSIG, a global organization with more than 2000 members around the services field.

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Lerzan Aksoy Associate Dean/Professor                                Peter Johnson - Clinical Associate Professor    

Marina Carnevale - Assistant Professor                                     Sertan Kabadayi - Professor

Janet DiLorenzo - Clinical Associate Professor                         Luke Kachersky - Assistant Professor                               

Hooman Estelami - Professor                                                    
 Yuliya Komarova - Associate Professor 

Marcia Flicker Associate Professor                                          Dawn Lerman - Professor  

David Gautschi Professor                                                         Timothy Malefyt - Clinical Professor  
Ahir Gopaldas Associate Professor                                         Mohammad Nejad - Area Chair/Associate Professor

Albert Greco - Professor                                                             Genevieve O’Connor - Associate Professor 
Anthony Defrancesco - Lecturer                                              
  Hoori Rafieian - Assistant Professor    


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