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Cor Art Classes
Workshops for the Human Spirit
Music and Creativity Classes begin April 14 & 15. Full class list:

Photo credit: Barbara Parmet.

Creativity Rehab

Taught by Patrick Melroy

The creativity at the core of you has had a tough year. This six-session workshop will rebuild and reconnect you to your creative practice. Melroy reactivates participants’ imaginations through a series of exercises proven to incite even the most atrophied artists. As we emerge from our isolation we are all hungry for new ways to express our imagination. Our pent up need to make art and engage with an audience lays the perfect platform for Creativity Rehab. It’s a time set aside during the week where you have the permission to shake off the rust and massage circulation back into that creative muscle that has suffered far too long at the bottom of your priorities list. 

The meetings each week from 5:30 - 7pm will be held outdoors with social distancing at a variety of locations in Santa Barbara.

Participants will work in any medium of their choosing. In past sessions participants have explored the very “DNA” of their making and uncovered new techniques and processes.

Time: Thursdays starting April 15th, 5:30-7pm (6 classes total)
$140 (class fees subsidized for all, scholarships available)
Form: Outdoors with social distancing at a variety of locations in Santa Barbara
Ages 18 and Up

For more information e-mail Patrick Melroy

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Photo credit: Barbara Parmet.

Soulwriting: An Exploration in Musical Creativity

Taught by Sio Tepper

Music is our human birthright. It is as essential as our breath, and continually moves us through our lives. While music is pervasive and easily accessible in some rights in our society, many of us have become detached from the process of musicking. Whereas in a different culture or time, we would participate more actively in a musical setting, these days, we are often confined to car radios, grocery store playlists, and gas-pump commercials.

This six-week course is designed to get participants back in touch with their own musicality. Whether a seasoned musical veteran looking for fresh insight, or a novice seeking to gain new confidence in music, this course will enliven the musical soul. Through various exercises in songwriting, keen listening, and collaborative music exploration, participants will uncover new ways to access and cultivate their own unique musicality, and gain the ability to transmute that into musical expression. This intimate class will meet once a week for six weeks and is open to participants at any musical ability, ages 18 and up.

Time: Wednesdays Starting  April 14th, 5:30-7:30pm. (6 weeks total)
$140 (class fees subsidized for all, scholarships available)
12 Participants Max, Ages 18 and Up
Form: Hybrid, some sessions online and some in-person, masked, socially-distanced, outdoors.

For more information e-mail Sio Tepper at

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Comments from previous class participants:

  • “...A community within which I could share, bounce, spark, contribute, incubate and activate ideas and receive generous, honest, and supportive feedback.”
  • “an opportunity for creativity in everyday life and a chance to slow down in order to really see people, objects, and landscapes around us from new perspectives.” 
  • “This class was such an unexpected delight and beautiful challenge that entered my life in just the right moment.”
Special thanks to the Hazen Family Foundation for their support to develop this program and provide scholarship funds. 

More About the Program: 

As we launch now our fourth pilot of an arts residency teaching program, there is a collective sense of hope that we are emerging from a dark time, as well as facing challenges still to overcome. These workshops are fundamentally about refreshing and renewing the human spirit, to help us all engage and reengage in our world. 

​Classes are mostly in a hybrid model, taking place in a mixture of online and outdoors with social distancing. As COVID conditions improve and regulations change we hope to increase in-person instruction. (See each class for specifics and contact teachers with questions.) Thanks to generous support from the Hazen Foundation, class fees are subsidized for all, and scholarships are also available. This program is set up with working adults in mind, especially in the service and helping professions, and all artistic skill levels are welcome from total beginner to advanced. Fundamentally these classes are for all who need them.

In our working lives we are so often told to keep our heads down, not wear our hearts on our sleeves, to keep our mouths shut. These classes offer an opportunity to speak up, to practice skills like curiosity, nuance, empathy, attention, and persistence; skills needed in these changing times. With your participation and support, we hope to continue to build this into an ongoing public service and community of support for all Santa Barbarans.

Find out more, see the full class list, sign up for a class, apply for a scholarship, at​​​
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