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Cor Art Classes
Workshops for the Human Spirit
Photography Through the Lens of Self and Other, Creativity Rehab, and The Drift begin October 6 & 7. Full class list:

Photography Through the Lens of Self and Other

Taught by Barbara Parmet

Each morning, as we log onto our devices, we are bombarded by imagery: photographic disasters, idyllic sunsets, selfies, Tik Tok videos luring us into viewing more videos and links linking us into more links. As thousands of photographs flash across our retinas, how are we to make sense of it all? 

You could try this: Stop for a moment before jumping into the day. Instead of logging on, while still in bed in the morning, open your eyes. Notice the quality of light, the shapes coming into view. Perhaps focus on wrinkles in the bedsheets. Maybe there is a person or animal beside you still sleeping. Watch their body rise and fall slightly with each breath. Choose what you want to remember about what you see. If your eyes were the camera lens, when would the shutter click? What we pay attention to and how we pay attention is what makes the photograph possible.

In Photography Through the Lens of Self and Other, we will spend 4 weeks showing and telling stories about portraiture, news photography, landscapes and art.  Participants will upload or share in person, weekly assignments, where we will dissect their contents asking questions about attention, agency and accountability. A final presentation of the weekly photographs will be presented in a slideshow with online links or as part of a CAW installation.

Tuesday nights, October 6, 13, 20, 27, 7-9 pm. (4 classes total) 
$80 (class fees discounted for all, scholarships available)
Form: Online
Ages 18 and up
12 participants max

For more information e-mail Barbara Parmet at

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Photo credit: Barbara Parmet. Photos from pre-COVID programming.

Creativity Rehab

Taught by Patrick Melroy

This time of strife has confounded the creative practice of most people. This workshop will attempt to reactivate your creative gestures through a series of activities in which the participants can find their way back into their individual creative practice. Often productivity is best activated by assignments. Melroy has spent decades collecting activities that will allow participants to recapture the inspiration to generate and articulate new and exciting creative and artistic statements. This workshop will work with a variety of physical materials and has been designed for creatives in every field, from poetry to pottery, from leathercraft to litigation, from drawers to dramaturges, any creative person could use some creative support, this is that workshop.

Time: Wednesday afternoons, 4-6pm, October 7 - November 11 (6 classes at this time)
$120 (class fees discounted for all, scholarships available)
Form: Hybrid, some sessions online and some in-person, outdoors, socially-distanced, in small numbers. Please e-mail the instructor with further questions.

For more information e-mail Patrick Melroy

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Photo credit: Barbara Parmet. Photos from pre-COVID programming.

The Drift

Taught by Patrick Melroy

“Dérive: It is an unplanned journey through a landscape, usually urban, in which participants drop their everyday relations and let themselves be drawn by the attractions of the terrain and the encounters they find there". — Guy Debord

 The workshop will meet weekly and conduct a drift. A drift for our purposes will be a long meandering walk around the streets of Santa Barbara hunting for new perspectives and points of historic and contemporary importance. Participants will begin with the methods of Guy Debord, later evolving individual techniques responding to personal strengths to accommodate Santa Barbara specifically. The drift is a walk by small groups through urban landscapes in which the participants engage, observe, and reflect on the experience of the built environment. The gesture emerges as part investigation, part documentation, part psychogeographical exercise and part defiant act of self-possession. We are forced to reevaluate our surroundings inside this current era of pandemic and civil unrest. We are learning more about freedom and authority, this workshop will strive to draw a new map of citizenry through the action of possessing the most basic of locations, the outside.

The concept of the dérive has its origins in the Letterist International, an avant-garde collective based in Paris. The dérive was a critical tool for understanding and developing the theory of psychogeography, defined as the "specific effects of the geographical environment (whether consciously organized or not) on the emotions and behavior of individuals." Guy Debord

a flâneur's active participation in and fascination with street life while displaying a critical attitude towards the uniformity, speed, and anonymity of modern life in the city.

Flânerie - someone committing the physical act of a peripatetic stroll

Time: Wednesdays 12pm-1:30pm First Class Oct. 7th (6 classes at this time)
$120 (class fees discounted for all, scholarships available)
Location: Outdoors (socially-distanced, in small numbers.) Please e-mail the instructor with further questions.

For more information e-mail Patrick Melroy

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More About the Program: 

We are offering in this third pilot of an arts residency teaching program a response to the difficulty of the last few months. These classes offer a place to feel human in a surreal time. They are an opportunity to renew, to refresh, to process, to feel some playfulness and freedom, and to learn skills helpful in these changing times.

Classes will take place online, or in some cases outdoors in small groups. Thanks to generous support from the Eichholz Foundation and Dana White, class fees are discounted for all, and scholarships are also available.

This program is set up with working adults in mind, especially in the service and helping professions. Medical professionals, teachers, bus drivers, nonprofit employees, social workers, firefighters, daycare workers, restaurant servers, and others in all walks of life. But these classes are really for all of us. We are all going through this.

Find out more, see the full class list, sign up for a class, apply for a scholarship, at​​​
Special thanks to the Eichholz Foundation and to Dana White for their support to develop this program and provide scholarship funds. 

Comments from previous class participants:

  • “I felt truly stretched... it was amazing to feel myself growing in the process and seeing how other class members were growing in leaps and bounds.”
  • “Wonderful project which inspires art and community connection. It is a gift to listen to other peoples’ stories, to learn from experts in town, and be a part of community work.”
  • “This was a community building experience for each of us. Phenomenal.”
Photo credit: Barbara Parmet. Photos from pre-COVID rounds of classes.
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