December 2015         Bringing You Laughter for the Health of It
It's the HA-HA Happy HO-HO Holiday Season!
I send this newsletter out as once again, we are reeling in the wake of senseless violence. The overwhelming horror and frequency of these events make us feel fearful and helpless. As our nation, and the world, work to find solutions, we all do what we can in our own circles. For me, sharing laughter is not a way to lessen the seriousness of recent events or ask anyone to ignore them. It is a way for us to lift our spirits and lower our stress and fear in order to go on with our daily lives. It helps us feel closer to each other and find a common ground. As Alan Alda said, "When people are laughing, they generally are not killing each other." May our laughter help this come to be true.

Wishing you laughter and peace during this holiday season. If you can join me on December 13 (see below) we can laugh together.

Noreen Braman
Certified Laughter Wellness Instructor
Certified Laughter Yoga Leader

Come Laugh With Me

Come join me for a fun and interactive presentation about adding more laughter, humor, happiness and joy to your life!
  • The health benefits of laughter are becoming part of mainstream medicine.
  • “Wellness” programs at health centers, hospitals and in corporate centers are increasingly embracing laughter; as a therapeutic tool and as an exercise.
  • Recent studies have even determined that laughter does the same thing for your brain as meditation.
But, even those with a great sense of humor and a ready smile are probably not heartily laughing enough to really enjoy the benefits. Join Laughter Wellness Instructor, Noreen Braman, for a fun and interactive 90-minute presentation on bringing more laughter, joy and happiness to your life.  Learn about the relationship between sources of stress and happiness and how you can fool your own brain into releasing “feel good” endorphins. Feel how laughter affects your body with some simple tests and exercises, including, better breathing through laughter. Discuss humor in the workplace, sense of humor styles, and the healthy pendulum of emotions that swings from laughter to tears. Go home with the tools and information you need to “laugh for no reason” as an exercise, and add stress-fighting humor to everyday life.

When: December 3, 2015 2 PM
Where: The Center for Relaxation and Healing, Plainsboro, NJ
Cost: $25
For more information: Go to the webpage

Smile Side of Life
Email for more info!
Smile Side of Life Laughter & Happiness Club
Several of you have written to me to let me know that you miss the Laughter Club. I do too! Unfortunately, because of low attendance I could no longer justify having Jamesburg hold open the room at the rec center for me. I'd love to do some laughter club sessions again, but I need your help.

If any of you have access to a club house, church rec room, meeting room or any sort of usable space, please find out if it can be used for the laughter club. If they charge a fee, that fee will need to be passed on to the participants, so I would also need you to see how many of your friends you can round up to come out for the club.

I would ask that all attendees consider a $5 per person stipend for me to cover my time and travel. If this is something you would consider helping to organize, please contact me at This is for laughter club only, for presentations to businesses or organizations such as Elks, etc. please contact me for pricing.
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