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October 2020

From The Smile Side of Life

WellBeing for U!
Creativity on Call

Greeting October With World Smile Day

We all know Smiley - he's been with us for so long! But this year, he's wearing a mask - even though the only infectious thing about him is his good humor!

Smiley reminds us, that even in these mask-wearing, social distancing, working from home days, we can't lose our smiles. We know that more than our mouth is involved in a smile — the entire face, including the eyes and the forehead get involved. So smile behind that mask, make eye contact, add a little nod of the head, and maybe, behind their masks, others are smiling too!
And don't forget, smiling encourages your brain to release feel-good endorphins - and we can certainly use more of them these days!

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Losing our smile is one side effect of living through a pandemic and other national issues. Many of us are feeling sad, depressed, lonely, and anxious — symptoms that may get worse for some of us as we lose daylight hours. But here's something amazing. In far north countries, well-being isn't harmed as light fades, in fact, the further north you go, the better people feel. Why is that? It is because the residents of those areas embrace the idea of winter darkness, and have, over hundreds of years, molded their society to adapt and thrive during the dark parts of the year.

Think Like a Norwegian

I am definitely looking more at my fire bowl as something to use a lot more in the winter, rather than locking it in the shed. How are you doing to "do" winter this year?

I've been doing a lot of virtual programs lately, helping people laugh and learn about other well-being habits. It has inspired me to consider expanding into online classes where anyone can choose to sign up and you don't have to wait for your employer or other group to bring me in for a workshop. I've developed a short survey, and would greatly appreciate it if you would take the time to fill it out, to help me determine interest and direction!


And finally, I've created a new abbreviated marketing website (link below) for sharing with others. Please feel free to take a look and to share, especially with employers, clubs, groups, and other organization.

until next time, Don't Go Gently, Go Laughing!

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