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March 2020

From The Smile Side of Life

WellBeing for U!
Creativity on Call

Are You Supporting Your
During This Time of Crisis?

I often talk about how well-being habits help build up our personal resilience, for when life is difficult. As we all try to manage our personal and professional lives during this crisis, the resilience can get "used up" pretty fast.

As a person who has dealt with anxiety, I understand how quickly this can happen. So, even when we are relying on resilience to help us deal with difficult times, we can still do things to boost that resilience.

There are many practices, habits, and activities that can help. Figuring out which ones will work for you can, in itself, be anxiety producing.

First of all, I recommend some exercise, especially for those who are working from home, are home schooling children, or just not being as active as they were prior to this emergency. Even just marching in place with your kids in the living room can go a long way toward helping maintain your resilience levels.

In addition, there are 5 habits that I recommend, and talk about in presentations.
As we work our way through this crisis, I will be sending out more frequent emails, focusing on each of these habits.
  • Mindfulness – Are you mindful, mindless, or, is your mind full?
  • Gratitude – Your brain on being thankful
  • Purpose – Your personal “mission in life”
  • Happiness – What is it, and why is everyone talking about it
  • Laughter – a human survival skill since before humans had language

Today let's think about laughter, and ways to incorporate it.

Funny movies: Gather the family together and rewatch a favorite, take time with your significant other to take a break with a Rom-Com or a favorite stand up comedian, and if you are by yourself, reach out on social media to share light-hearted gifs, videos, and jokes. In all cases, avoid hurtful humor that uses any person, group, etc., as the target.

Find the funny: You don't have to be a comedian. Instead, share "the funny" with others, whether it is remembering personal stories of past laughter, a re-framing of something that didn't start out as funny, or re-awaken your playfulness with a game night. A little UNO has created a lot of laughter in my house.

Laugh For The Health of It: If you are already a practitioner of Laughter Yoga or Laughter Wellness, don't forget to practice what you preach. That includes doing laughter exercises at home, both with your significant others and family members, and by yourself. If you are less experienced or have never tried it before, there are lots of videos on line to help you get started.

On my video page at The Smile Side of Life I am currently featuring a special video for the Youngest Laughers, good for parent and child, and also for the older brothers and sisters to participate. For older children and adults, try my Broken Foot Laughter, or my Belly Laughter Day video for a quick shot of laughter.

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until next time, Don't Go Gently, Go Laughing!


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