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March 2020

From The Smile Side of Life

WellBeing for U!
Creativity on Call

Are You Supporting Your
During This Time of Crisis?
Part 2

Last month, I introduced 5 well-being habits that help us maintain our resilience during times of high stress.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to be an immediate concern, with many of us confined to our homes, or otherwise trying to cope with the changes to daily life that have occured, I will continue to do what I can to help us all enhance our well being.

As I said last month, I recommend some exercise, especially for those who are working from home, are home schooling children, or just not being as active as they were prior to this emergency. Even just marching in place with your kids in the living room can go a long way toward helping maintain your resilience levels. This week I found that jogging around in my backyard for 15 minutes covered one mile. (My running GPS map looks like a ball of yarn!)

I also discussed, 5 habits that I recommend, and talk about in presentations.
  • Mindfulness – Are you mindful, mindless, or, is your mind full?
  • Gratitude – Your brain on being thankful
  • Purpose – Your personal “mission in life”
  • Happiness – What is it, and why is everyone talking about it
  • Laughter – a human survival skill since before humans had language

As we work our way through this crisis, Last month I focussed on Laughter. This month, let's think about Mindfulness.

Is your Mind Full? Most of us spend much of our time with our minds living in the past — what we were just doing— or in the future — what we need to do next. Our brains are full of tasks, responsibilities, anxieties over something that already happened, or what may happen soon.

(Your mind — full!)

Are You Mindless? Most of us can recall a time we drove somewhere, and arrived with no memory of how we got there. Or, we put down our keys or our cell phones, and cannot recall where. In the book "Your Glasses are on Top of Your Head" the essay I contributed is all about my adventure of misplacing my fitness tracker, and how, the longer I didn't have it, the more I convinced myself of the arrival of cognitive decline.

(sometimes we are just mindless)

Being Mindful: The essence of living mindfully is to BE PRESENT IN THE MOMENT. What does that mean? It means being aware of where you are in both time and space. The place where you are, and what you are doing there. The awareness of what your body is doing - whether you are eating strawberries, driving to work, or interacting with your loved ones.

Mindfulness is not always easy, as our brains continue to try and multitask — a habit that is just not good for us.  TIME Magazine.

Continuing research has led to the proliferation of Mindfulness training, classes and workshops. Making time to attend or view online some mindfulness education programming is a good idea.

In my presentations, I suggest some shortcuts to help attendees experience mindfulness. Asking people to close their eyes and then describe the room they are in, including some new things placed purposefully in the area, often reveals they are barely aware of the space they are in. When transitioning from one place or one task to another, it is helpful to stop, take a breath, and just spend a moment orienting yourself to, where you are and what you are doing, AT THIS MOMENT.

A fun way to help your brain is by doing a Mindful Laughter Meditation. I recently recorded my version of this, and you can try it out, either by yourself, or with your current "housemates" socially distancing with you at home. View it, along with some other fun videos On my video page at The Smile Side of Life.

I've also added two more articles to my list of tips at 30seconds:
Personal Resilience: 5 Habits to Support Well-Being During Times of High Stress

Mindful Laughter Meditation - What it is, and how it can help you right now during the Coronavirus Pandemic

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until next time, Don't Go Gently, Go Laughing!


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