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Picnic Performances bring 25 in-person music, dance, and theater events to Bryant Park starting in June. Photo by Ryan Muir.

The Latest for New York City Tourism

If you were out and about last weekend you saw a transformed city. Crowds are back. Reservations are required again. And, most importantly, the fear is ebbing. We think the city will come back faster than the pundits are predicting. A big slate of returning culture reinforces that idea: Mayor de Blasio announced a three-month tax holiday for NYC hotel stays starting June 1st. All the more reason to expect a resurgent tourism sector in the weeks ahead. As of today, the majority of American adults are fully vaccinated.

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ETD Exclusives Can Bring You Groups

Davler Media is excited to announce ETD (Everything To Do) Exclusives, a program to bring groups of consumers to restaurants, attractions, tours, museums, and other activity clients. We will introduce the 27,000 members of our Everything To Do Facebook Group to your business to participate in an event, if you promise to create something special. The first event, a summer kickoff with a celebrity chef, is coming up in a couple of weeks. If you want to host a consumer event that can bring 50-100 paying New Yorkers to your venue, contact us.

Launching Everything To Do Chicago

Everything To Do Chicago is a community of people helping each other get everything they can from the Second City. We share tips on performances and clubs, art and festivals, jazz and pizza. Looking for a restaurant? Ask ETD. Want to share a great find? Let us know about it. Recent questions have covered Monet, cocktails, family activities, and more. If you ever go to Chicago, join now. Share with Chicago Tourism Professionals who can provide answers and stay current. It’s a great way to be in the know. (And if you're not a member of Everything To Do NYC, join now.)

Data From Everything To Do NYC Facebook Group

Everything To Do NYC Facebook Group brings together 27,000 New York City superfans. It's a great resource for knowing what's going on, getting city suggestions, and tracking consumer sentiment. A recent poll gave a glimpse into how people are feeling about reopening, with a solid majority (78%) on record as likely or more to get out now that mask requirements have been relaxed. Check out the responses and full results here. And join the group if you haven't already—it's great for marketing directly to New Yorkers and tourists.

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