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Issue #24  11/2016
SpaceWatch Middle East
Your Newsletter No 24

Cover picture from SpaceWatch Middle East refugee story - Credit: TÉLÉCOMS SANS FRONTIÈRES

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Dear <<First Name>>

Two exciting weeks for the space industry are behind us. Just a couple of highlights for SpaceWatch Middle East were:
We had the great opportunity to interview a number of industry thought leaders. A selection have been published over the last two weeks and more will follow.
The ReInventing Space Conference was held in London last week. We will give a post-event update in the coming days.
Since the summer, SpaceWatch Middle East has been available in the US and UK Apple News at (link for our readers in the US/UK only). Thanks to all our Readers on that platform.
SpaceWatch Middle East is happy to announce partnerships with Space Law magazine THE PRÉCIS and with the HR consulting start-up NEUCO-Group. As of January 2017, we will post various job offerings in the space segment.

Over the past two weeks SpaceWatch Middle East reported on a number of exciting space developments throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Among the stories that caught our attention were:

On Nov 2 - 4 SpaceWatch Middle East will attend WorldSpaceRisk Forum in Dubai and we will report on the event.

As always, we're on the lookout for contributors to SpaceWatch Middle East. If you have something to say about space and the Middle East, please contact us at .

In the meantime, follow our hashtag #SpaceWatchMe on Twitter and our Facebook page, and read our stories, features, and interviews at Amongst the other features and stories we published over the past two weeks are the following:

“Hello?…It’s me. I’m ok.” – a refugee story

With the tragedy of refugees fleeing Syria and Iraq and beyond continuing unabated, SpaceWatch Middle East contributing editor Helen Jameson writes about how satellites can, in a small way, ease the plight of those fleeing the most awful violence and desperate conditions. When did you last use your phone? Five minutes ago? An hour …

Interview: Initiating a New Space Age with TeamIndus

The U.S.$30M Google Lunar XPRIZE is an unprecedented competition to challenge and inspire engineers and entrepreneurs from around the world to develop low-cost methods of robotic space exploration. To win the Google Lunar XPRIZE, a privately funded team must successfully place a robot on the Moon’s surface that explores at …

The #SpaceWatchME IBC 2016 Interviews: Mahdi Mehrabi of North Telecom

SpaceWatch Middle East conducted a series of interviews during the International Broadcast Convention 2016 in Amsterdam in September. This interview is with Mahdi Mehrabi, Chief Technical Officer and Managing Director Asia of North Telecom. North Telecom is a big player in the satellite communications sector in the ME region, a very …

The #SpaceWatchME IBC 2016 Interviews: Mark Rigolle of LeoSat – A Paradigm Shift in the Satellite Market

SpaceWatch Middle East conducted a series of interviews during the International Broadcast Convention 2016 in Amsterdam in September. This interview is with Mark Rigolle, CEO of LeoSat. Emerging LEO satellite operator, LeoSat is creating a buzz that is being widely felt across the satellite industry. The constellation’s development is well underway …

Satellite Serves a Thirstier World

Water. We are literally made of the stuff. That’s why we can survive for weeks without food but only days without water. We drink it, cook with it, bathe in it, grow food with it, clean with it, swim in it, and use it in almost every kind of industry. After the …


Thank you very much your interest and your ongoing support.

Yours sincerely,

Helen Jameson (Contributing Editor),
Torsten Kriening (Chief Operating Officer)

of the SpaceWatch Middle East team.

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