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2014 was a highly successful year for the Wings of Hope for Africa
Foundation. We were able to achieve a few major milestones in regards to
achieving our fundraising goals of the September Back to School
Campaign, Family sponsorships in October and November, the
December Shine a light campaign, as well as the Raffle fundraising event
at Cardel theater. We would not have been able to achieve our goals of
helping families in Burundi with out your generous support. We are grateful
for your continual support and we look forward to the exciting activities and goals
we would like to achieve in 2015. We hope you will continue to follow us on
our journey and we look forward to a successful 2015.
Soft Drinks-Evelyn was part of our December Shine a Light campaign
where we provided families with such items as soft drinks, bags of beans, and bags of rice to sell. She chose soft drinks to sell and she is so happy with her choice. Now she has the opportunity to have money coming in to support herself and her family.
Coal-Natali selected coal as the business that she would want to pursue. For the past three months she has been seeing a steady source of income from the sale of coal in the marketplace. And this has helped her tremendously find a great sense of self worth and confidence.
Even the smallest donation will have a large and lasting impact. We provided donations of bars of soap and those items would help stop the spread of disease. Please consider donating. If you consider how much money you spend on discretionary spending in a month on coffees or makeup or other non necessary items try donating a portion of that to a worthy cause such as Wings of Hope for Africa.
Big announcement! As part of our fundraising efforts we have a monthly spot at a Bingo Hall here in Calgary. This opportunity will help us gain additional funds for our programs. We are thankful to our team of volunteers that attended the first Bingo day. They had a fun day and worked very hard and hard. We would appreciate additional volunteers to join the team. If it interests you please submit an email to Your tax receipt has been mailed out. If you have not received your receipt please email us at

We would like to thank our Board of Directors for all the advice and time they put towards ensuring that Wings of Africa follow through with their goals and mandates.  The 2015 Board members are as follows;

President: Aline Nzeyimana

Treasurer: Leslie Kaechele

Event Coordinator: Petrina Akor

Secretary: Chelsea Pybus

Board Member: Maurren Shield

Edmonton Representatives: Mike and Deborah Russel