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Nouwen Speaks to Our Critical Times
"Every one of the eight beatitudes that Jesus proclaimed in the Sermon on the Mount is for all people and for all times. But there are times in which one word speaks louder than another. In the thirteenth century St. Francis brought to the foreground the blessing on the poor. In the nineteenth century many saints and visionaries called new attention to the blessing on the pure in heart. Clearly our century is the century of the peacemakers...This is the time to speak for peace. If we do not recognize this, there will be no seasons anymore for anything, because without peace there will be no life. If this century will be remembered, it will be remembered for those who gave themselves for the cause of peace." (Henri Nouwen)
This Ministry Can Only Move Forward with Your Faithful Support
Please consider generously supporting my work in peacemaking as a regular monthly commitment in 2017. While my work has expanded, I'm presently underfunded. I've stepped back into working with the Covenant Church in North America with Serve Globally. This will include, along with my on-going ministry in North America new ministry in North Africa and the Middle East. Thanks for joining me in this important journey, Andy Larsen. Here's more information on what I do. 

Visiting My Muslim Friends from the Middle East

The last several months I've been introduced to some new friends predominantly from Syria.Their stories along with their hope and tenacity for life have gripped me. A paradox struck me the other day--How can these new friends who've suffered the most inhospitable conditions be so incredibly hospitable?

I was reminded of the incident that the disciples had with Jesus in the boat during a wild storm. They were terrified about sinking and aroused Jesus from sleep. Jesus awoke and spoke forcefully to the storm (but I think he was also speaking to the disciples), "Be Still!" In the midst of the chaos and storm Jesus called forth peace.

My refugee friends have lived through some very rough experiences. They have some bad days, just like you and I do. But they've captured something like the story of Jesus calming the storm. And they keep offering amazing hospitality and friendship. Would you like to know more of this story?

To see what others have said about this ministry check out “the buzz.” Contact me directly at to inquire about coming to speak and help your community engage the other. Let’s put your event on my calendar. And please, pray with me in this ministry and support the expanding work of peacemaking. This ministry can only move forward with your faithful support. Thanks. 

“The followers of Christ have been called to peace...And they must not only have peace but also make it. And to that end they renounce all violence and tumult. In the cause of Christ nothing is to be gained by such methods. . . . His disciples keep the peace by choosing to endure suffering themselves rather than inflict it on others...They renounce hatred and wrong. In so doing they over-come evil with good, and establish the peace of God in the midst of a world of war and hate.”                                                                                                  ~Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Here's a visual journey of my work in peacemaking since the first of the year. Included here are several mosque visits, speaking engagements, a trip to Washington DC for work with Churches for Middle East Peace, some visuals from my regular prayer walks, and lost of visits with my Muslim friends.

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